What is Nollywood sexiest film?

Are you interested in Nollywood production and want to find out what is the hottest Nigerian film ever? Read the article and get to know the answer.

What are they?

Third place in the world in terms of money earned after Hollywood and Bollywood in recent years reached Nollywood the industry, bringing together several film studios of Nigeria.Each year Nollywood earns about US$ 120-150 million. By the number of films, Nigerians have already reached the first place in the world: world 1 200 films per year. Among the favourite topics in the cinema of Nigerian audience are love and prostitution, witchcraft and bribery.

Today we want to tell you about some of Nollywood films which are supposed to be the sexiest ones.

Enjoy the best films

Men in Love

This film contains some sexy scenes, which may shock many people. Probably, because the main topic of the cinema is love between two men. Actors who played the main roles received a lot of negative comments of viewers.

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The Prostitute

How about the sexiest films

Film, telling us the story of a young girl who was forced to become a prostitute and we can see the hard way that this young lady has to pass.

Dirty Secret

Another film about the man`s story, telling how the male prostitute fell in love. There quite many erotic scenes in this film, and even one kiss between two men.

Room 027

Probably it is the most erotic Nigerian film. If to take into account that usually Nigerian cinema does not contain erotic scenes, this movie can be quite shocking because it is rich in the morsel. Probably, you should watch these films yourself and decide whether among the films listed above is the sexiest one.

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