What is Pastor Troy net worth?

Today we would like to tell you about one of the richest rappers – Pastor Troy.

How did he accomplish such a success? Stay with us, and you will know all of details.

Micah LeVar Troy it is a famous American rapper and director. He was born on 18 of November of 1977, in College Park, Georgia. His father's name was Alfred and his mother Cheryl).He was the son of the sergeant-instructor Alfred, which after became a pastor, which has established strict rules inside their family. Despite the big love of his son to N. W. A. and the Ghetto Boys, his father has strictly forbidden his son to listen this kind of music.

From early childhood, Troy was given to the Church, like most of his coevals. Troy lived the street life. These two contrasting lifestyles presented a permanent dilemma for Troy.

Ultimately, Troy entered the Paine College. He dreamed of becoming a history teacher. There, when he was free from the influence of his father, he began to devote himself to rap, and soon he had to make his own beats and lyrics. But it did not last long. Soon Troy left the College and all his efforts he directed in one direction. He wanted to enter into the rap industry.

He creates a group of his friends, and then they called their group the “Down South Georgia Boys (D. S. G. B.)”.

But afterwards the Pastor begins to think about his solo album. In 1999, he recorded his first album that had a specific name: ‘We Ready - I Declare War”. One album’s explosive hit "No Mo Play In GA" was sold immediately, and, of course had a huge success without any scrolling on the radio.

So, what about Pastors’ net worth? Are you ready to read this?  It is incredible, but he has net worth of $5 million (in 2014-2015). Also get money from sponsorships, ads, endorsement, featuring, etc. Therefore his yearly income is approximate $588,235.

Here we have some information about his previous years:

2015 - $5,000,000

2014 - $4,347,826

2013 - $4,000,000

2012 - $2,857,143

So, thanks for participation in the hardcore rap group D.S.G.B. (Down South Georgia Boys), he become famous and rich.

By the way, Pastor Troy has sold approximately 3 722 000 albums in his career.

And of course there is a discography of this talented rapper

* 1999: We Ready: I Declare War

* 2000: Pastor Troy for President

* 2001: Face

* 2002: Universal Soldier

* 2004: By Any Means

* 2005: Face Part 2

* 2006: Stay TRU

* 2006: By Choice Or By Force

* 2006: from Atlanta to Memphis (with Criminal Manne)

* 2007: The Tool Can

* 2009: Feel Me Or Kill Me

It’s interesting that on 17 of December, 2015 Pastor Troy was the recipient of the Independent Icon Award sponsored by That Rabbit, an independent music and video distribution company.

And also on 5 of April, 2016, Pastor Troy received the Legends of ATL Award from BMI for his contributions to music in Atlanta.

As you see, the diligence and perseverance of this rapper helped him to become outstanding person!

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