What is Robin van Persie's religion?

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robin van persie

Euro 2016 is taking place in France now and that’s why there are a lot of people willing to learn more about footballers and teams so that they can understand the game better.

One of the most interesting players is Robin van Persie. He is 32 years old and he comes from the Netherlands. However, except for being a part of his country’s national team he also plays for Turkey.

According to the experts’ opinion, van Persie is one of the most influential strikers nowadays.

Robin was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He was very artistic as a child but later on he preferred football to drawing. Most of his family though is good at art too. However, they were happy to see him as an athlete.

He stopped drawing at his teenage years and started playing football as a professional.

 He played in different clubs and he had to switch because of the disagreements with the coach. He became really famous in 2000s when he helped his team win the UEFA.

Since then all the football clubs were literally attacking him with the offers to sign a contract. He was named one of the best players ever.

After playing for the Dutch team for couple years, he went to England and became a part of the famous Arsenal.

robin van persie

He has shown himself as a good player in all international matches. Robin is a professional who has already won a lot of awards and his way of playing impresses everybody. He scores 2 or 3 goals for a game as a rule!

The Dutch club asked him to play for the Netherlands in all the famous championships. All those characteristics make van Persie a professional in a worldwide football society.

At first all his family thought that he would become a fabulous artist. However, it never happened. What is even more interesting, Robin van Persie was a really bad student who was always messing all up.

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He never did his homework and always disturbed his teachers. Now he is thinking about his childhood with a smile. Did any of his teachers think that he would become a world-famous footballer?

More about personal life

After Robin moved to London he found the love of his life, Bouchra Elbali. Surprisingly enough she comes from Morocco. They have two kids – a boy and a girl.

They have a truly happy marriage but sometimes people ask too many questions about their religions.

robin van persie

People tend to think that only those who have the same religion or no religion at all can be in love. However, it’s not true. True love is not about differences, it’s about similarities.

Robin van Persie’s religion

No matter how many times the footballer was asked about his religion, the clear answer was never said. People tend to label him as Christian because they are sure that most of the Dutch people are Christian.

The others say that he follows Islam now because his wife is Muslim. Is any of it true?

Frankly speaking, in his interviews he clearly states that he doesn’t want to talk about religion at all. He thinks that people just love labelling but they will never know the truth if they don’t stop behaving that way.

robin van persie

He doesn’t identify himself neither as Muslim nor as Christian. Moreover, he doesn’t even dare to call himself an atheist. Religion is just not a matter of his interest.

Political views of Robin van Persie

It’s very similar to what Robin thinks about religion. He doesn’t talk about politics that much – we don’t know who he prefers more and which party he would vote for. There is no guarantee that he is even voting!

Who knows, maybe it’s a good position as there are a lot of bad sides of politics which you’d better not waste time to talk or even think about.

But what we know for sure is that he is indeed a good football player and a great husband who respects the religion and the worldview of his wife and children!

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