What is the meaning of Tonto Dikeh's tattoo on her back?

Do you know how Tonto Dikeh has explained her new tattoo that drew so much attention? Read what she said right here in this article.

Tonto Dikeh tattoos

A lot of people stated that Tonto Dikeh’s tattoo shows us that she has sold her sold to the devil. The actress did not share the details for such a choice of a tattoo for a long time until the rumors and gossips reached unbelievable levels. To stop all the craziness and prevent further spreading of lies and unrealistic guesses Tonto Dikeh has decided to explain her tattoos.

Tonto Dikeh is a Nollywood actress, Given her popularity in certain circles we had no doubts that her tattoo would be once discussed by the public. Nevertheless, she has decided to tattoo her body and with such an astonishing picture. Moreover, the rumors about the reasons for such a picture were spread not only within the Nigeria but also in many places outside the state.

The fans have been guessing the core meaning for a while now, and the most common beliefs about this tattoo include a guess that it is her way of selling her soul to the devil. They believe that there is a hidden meaning behind this piece of art, and the meaning is connected to the evil part of the soul of an actress. Meanwhile, other fans state that Tonto Dikeh was just trying to be more fashionable and look more stylish. As they assumed, she has considered getting a tattoo as the best way to represent her tastes and aspirations in fashion.

Tonto Dikeh new tattoo

If you know Tonto Dikeh at least a little bit, you would probably understand why it took her so long till she came out from a shadow to explain the meaning of her new tattoo. She does not care about what people say about her. As it often happens in Nollywood, enemies or just envious people start sharing stories that are not true about her. And not to lose her spirit and stay focused on her life and career, she has mastered the art of ignoring the rumors she hears about herself.

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However, this time, she has decided to cast a little light on the tattoo of her choice. Tonto Dikeh states that the tattoo means that she belongs to the Witches of Nigeria. It took her courage to admit it and say it out loud in public. This raised more controversy around Tonto Dikeh’s tattoo, but as people close to her mentioned, she was completely honest when she said that to the public. She did not lie or hide the truth. She said what she said because that was her life choice.

Tonto Dikeh's back tattoo

According to the people close to the celebrity, Tonto Dikeh back tattoo shows that she belongs to a narrow class of individuals involved in bewitchery. As the actress was not available for more details, this is all we know about her. Other rumors showed that she has more than fifty other tattoos on her neck, back and other body parts. We do not whether it is true and how those tattoos look like, but obviously, Tonto Dikeh is into some dark stuff. Hopefully, she would be careful enough and leave the community she is currently engaged into, but as her friends who asked to remain unknown state people she is friends now with will not let her leave their circles too easy now.

Anyway, Tonto Dikeh tattoos are her way of self-representation. She depicts everything she values or believes in on her body with tattoos of different shape, color, and meaning. As she posted on her social network profile not so long ago, she was in love with herself and the way she looked at those pictures on her body. Some of the tattoos took at least ten hours to be done on her, but she was strong enough and did not give up. So now she is proud of herself and encourages everyone to have tattoos as well. I am not sure about that, though! Tattoos have always been a controversial topic for many people.

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