What is Toke Makinwa’s new book "On becoming" about?

Toke Makinwa told a dirty story, which happened in her life. Thereby she wants to protect women in the whole world from possible emotional pain. Let's see how love can be tragic and even fatal!

Toke Makinwa оn becoming book launch

Toke Makinwa is the well-known radio personality in Nigeria and TV presenter. In addition, she has her own vlog, and she recently authored a book with a sad story about her marriage.

On Becoming & Toke Makinwa

Makinwa’s new book was be released last Sunday, November 27, 2016. Some media outlets had the opportunity to obtain a copy of the book, where she shared her touching story of survival.

Makinwa оn becoming book launch

Toke Makinwa in her new book titled 'On Becoming' shed light on the truth about her ex-husband, who according to her is entirely inadequate, and how she thought about suicide, sought God, bleaching, and more – this story about infidelity. But most importantly, that she told her readers about how her ex-hubby infected her with an STI severally.

Toke Makinwa Book Launch

The Toke Makinwa's book tells us about the complicated marriage from the start of the wedding ceremony with a lover for eight years Maje Ayida, and talks about love and marriage, and it comes to an end after 18 months of living together. Toke says what she felt and how she was broken when she heard about a woman who was pregnant by Toke Makinwa's husband.

Here are some quotes below:

Toke Makinwa wrote about her wedding to her ex-husband, Maje Ayida:

Toke Makinwa & Maje Ayida

"It was my wedding day. I was happy, yet I was waiting for something to happen. Maje had disappointed me three times before. We would pick a date to go to the wedding registry and he would call it off. It wasn’t until we shared our first dance that I finally believed that it had happened. We got back together (after a quarrel because Maje took ‘an ex’ to a party he bluntly told Toke he wasn’t taking her to and he and the ex were ‘touching freely and kissing’)… Maje invited me to Abuja…. As I was putting away my things I saw all kinds of feminine items – earrings on the dresser, sanitary pads in the drawer…"

Toke Makinwa & her ex-hubby

She even wrote a dialogue with her hubby, who made it clear about the problems in their relationship. And even she said exactly when her husband was infecting her with an STI.

Toke Makinwa & Maje Ayida & his mistress Anita

- “Who was that girl?” I asked “That’s that girl”

- “Which girl?”

- “The girl I told you about. Her friends are always calling me to say she really likes me and has a crush on me. Her name is Anita.”

- “So that’s the Anita girl they say you are dating.”

- “I’m not dating her. How can I date someone that is always saying ‘can I come and see you? I’ll bring my friend that you think is cute?”

- “I accepted Maje’s explanation and concluded that Anita was not important . So I’ll be with Maje and she’d call and I’d tell him,

- “The girl that has a crush on you is calling.” And it would be nothing.”

In chapter 8 of the book "On Becoming" called "Hurt" Toke wrote about Maje returning from a trip and infecting her with an STI. And she wrote:

Maje & Toke

"He had given me an STI in the past. He’d returned from a trip once and we had sex, and a few days later I was itching. ‘I went to the doctors and they prescribed medication, but when I asked Maje about the infection he denied knowing anything about it. I went through his phone and saw a conversation with Anita where she complained that she had been itching."

In accordance with her words, it was not anything new to her hubby and her words after the doctor, became the only confirmation of the disease:

Toke & Maje

“He asked what the doctor’s report said and what was prescribed. I knew I would be putting myself at risk if I closed my eyes to whatever he chose to do on the side. So I went back to putting all my attention into my work.”

About permanent betrayal of her husband and sex tape with another woman, Toke wrote:

Toke Makinwa & Maje Ayida Holiday

"At some point while we were dating, Maje had asked if he could tape us having sex. This was a new one for me but I would do anything to keep my man, or so I thought, and so I obliged. But I was nervous afterwards because I didn’t want the tape to get into the wrong hands. I dragged the file back to his desktop, and I could tell from the stilled image in the video that the person in it was not me. I clicked play and watched horrified as Maje had sex with Anita. Watching that video, all of the inadequacies I thought I had dealt with over the years came rushing back. "

In addition, Toke Makinwa thought that the color of the skin plays an important role in their relationship. It made to bleach her skin:

Toke Makinwa and ex-husband

"I had been with Maje from when I was an immature teenager, through my twenties, and for most of those years, Anita had been the standard I had to live up to. I had lightened my skin at some point – Anita was half Lebanese and half Ibibio, and Maje made me feel like he preferred her lighter skin. "

Regarding the fact she knew Anita was pregnant, Toke wrote:

Anita Solomon

"I got on my knees in front of him, my voice calm as I can make it. “Maje, you can’t keep lying. What is going on? He walks away, leaving me there with my heart in my hands. I see him pacing, like he is having a private conversation. Then all of a sudden, he walks back to the living room, looks straight into my eyes and says, ‘She’s pregnant’. I fall to the ground. My head…. ‘What’s she having?’ ‘A boy,’ he says. ‘How long have you known?’ ‘I’ve always known…. It was what I thought I wanted,’ he says."

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Anita Solomon and Maje Ayida's son

Concerning her ex-husband having another child from the other woman, Toke stated in her book:

Anita Solomon and Maje Ayida's son

"There was a 70-day fasting and prayer programme at my church. I joined in: I was praying for Maje and I. On the final day, I asked God to reveal why Maje and I couldn’t find peace with each other. I opened my email address and typed Maje’s email address in. I went through email after email until I found pictures of a boy that looked exactly like Maje…"

Anita Solomon & Maje Ayida

You can buy a book with the tragic love story of Toke Makinwa in any bookstore.

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