What made a Nollywood actress beg for money at the airport?

Have you ever heard of Nigerian celebrities who had to beg for money? Well that’s exactly what happened to Anita Joseph. Read this article to find out what happened to her!

Anita Joseph

We tend to think that the celebrities are more privileged people than us and that’s obviously true. Have you ever heard that any Nigerian celebrity would beg for money?

Well life is unpredictable so something like that can happen to literally any person. That’s exactly what Anita Joseph had to face once. Nollywood actress was at the airport begging for money!

It happened not that long ago. She wanted to withdraw some money but none of the ATM machines there would work. Anita was desperate and she didn’t know what to do.

The worst thing was that she just ate at the restaurant and she needed to pay the bill. So the waiter was waiting for her to pay while she was really shocked and didn’t know what to do.

She felt really uncomfortable and embarrassed. She was so hopeless she thought there was no other option other than ask people for help.

Anita started looking around hoping there would be somebody to help her. She says it was a horrible feeling. It wasn’t her fault that ATM’s were not available but it didn’t change the fact that she had to pay.

At first it seemed like a really bad idea to beg people for money at the airport. The Nollywood actress was thinking that it just couldn’t be happening to her. She is a famous well-paid actress.

Anita Joseph

How could she just ask random people to pay for her? Moreover, she felt horrible because people who worked at the restaurant also knew she had no money which made the situation even worse.

So Anita decided that she had no other choice and she really needed to ask for money. So she went up to some guy that she saw earlier and she was really shocked by his answer.

He said that she was an actress so she had enough money to pay for herself. He even cussed a little bit and it made the Nigerian celebrity even sadder.

She thought she would have to embarrass herself all over again if she approached other people. But then she met another guy who didn’t recognize her because he wasn’t into Nigerian films.

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However, surprisingly enough he actually shared some money with her and even promised to watch some of her movies. It was really kind of him, says Anita.

Anita Joseph about tattoos

Anita is actually famous for her beautiful tattoos. However, recently she has stated that it was a bad decision to make all these tattoos as it was not a Christian behaviour.

She was thinking about her lifestyle and choices and realized that a lot of things she was doing weren’t right. Right now she thinks that tattoos are not what God would allow.

She reread the Bible and felt quite depressed because she began to realize what is so wrong about it. The Nollywood actress says that it’s a special kind of addiction.

If you do one you want to do another one and you just can’t stop. You don’t even think if they mean something to you or not.

Anita Joseph

She says she did this tattoos when she was younger and she didn’t think about the religious side of the problem. Anita has tattoos almost everywhere – on her legs, boobs, arm and neck.

But why did she suddenly change her mind?  The Nigerian actress says she changed her mind after she talked to one of her fans. It was a girl who expressed her admiration with Anita’s talent and appearance.

She said that she wanted to be just like her and started asking questions about tattoos. The fan wanted to have the same tattoos as the celebrity.

However, Anita started to explain that it would be a bad decision because making tattoos is an addiction that is hard to treat. Moreover, some people think it shows that you are disrespecting God.

This conversation made the actress think a lot about her behaviour and her recent decisions. She was really happy she could help the girl who wasn’t confident enough.

Anita says she will try to get rid of all her tattoos as soon as possible and that’s her advice to all the people who have tattoos.

She thinks that God will surely forgive everyone if they really want to change themselves and become better people.

Anita Joseph

Personal life of Anita Joseph

There are a lot of rumours about the personal life of the famous Nigerian actress Anita Joseph. What do we even know about her?

It seems like a lot of her fans have no idea that she was married before she became famous! She was born in the Anambra State but later their family moved to Abia State.

That’s where she met her husband who worked as a businessman. They were married for 3 years but apparently nothing worked out. After a few years the couple decided to divorce.

But Anita never gave up and didn’t become depressed. She is a really strong person who decided to focus on her career instead. She can be an example worthy of following for all women in Nigeria.

She says that she has always wanted to become an actress or a singer but she simply didn’t have the opportunity to do it. Moreover, there was no time and money to attend any kinds of lessons.

That’s why after a while she got married but was never happy. At least the divorce gave her an opportunity to do something she actually enjoys doing.

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