What nigerian celebrities are gay?

Do you know who of the Nigerian celebrities are attracted to the same sex? Find out now!


There are a lot of Nigerian celebrities who are suspected by the public to be gay. Some of the gay-labelled start to deny it but sometimes it’s useless as it’s noticeable by their behaviour.

Moreover, some people just give up and stop denying the rumours. They realize that their fans understand everything anyway. And even though there is no evidence of any of the celebrities being actually gay, the scandals are all over the media.

Denrele Edun

The society has no doubt that he is gay.

Denrele Edun is a very famous person in Nigeria. He is a host of the Nigerian shows. He works for the Channel O.

Brief Biography

He was born in Germany but his father actually comes from Nigeria. There are also two sisters in his family.

He grew up in Hamburg but when he became an adult he moved to Nigeria and decided to spend the rest of his life there. Therefore, he also continued his higher education there.

His career as a TV presenter

He started his career early enough. He became famous because he didn’t look and behave like others. The producers saw something really outstanding in him.

He got lucky and got the job in TV right after he got done with the university. It really deserves respect because not a lot of people can be proud of becoming famous that soon.


By the way, Denrele got the diploma on English language.

He is really funny and that’s why he is so loved by all Nigerians. However, he denies the rumours that he is just performing. He claims that he always stays himself.

He loves his public a lot and he is trying to make it happy all the time though. He is very kind and open to everyone. That’s why he has a lot of dedicated fans who always support him in anything does.

The other proof of him being an excellent entertainer is the amount of the awards he won. He worked with a lot of companies and he has already won about twenty awards.

Who knows, maybe there are going to be even more exciting nominations and competitions further in his life.

But why do people gossip about him?

It happens because he always has very intriguing photo shoots kissing with the other men. And there are other things that influence his reputation.

For example, his lifestyle and his behaviour in public. While his interviews he says that he plans to get married eventually. However, he hasn’t met anyone he wants to spend his life with yet.

He says that everyone is judging him and expects him to admit that he is gay. Some say that he is a homo, others claim him bi-sexual and some doubt.

He doesn’t answer to the question directly. He makes jokes or just prefers not to discuss this topic. Therefore, most of his fans are sure that he just doesn’t want to admit it or is too scared of the reaction of the public.

Charly Boy

charly boy

He is sometimes believed to be the boyfriend of Denrele Edun. And there are also a lot of other rumours.

Some people think that he is not only gay but he also is a part of the illuminate society. Moreover, he is frequently seen together with Denrele Edun. Are they just friends or are they having a gay romance?

We can’t be 100% sure as he always denies everything. He says that it’s very stupid to think something like that. However, public doesn’t seem to believe him that much. Who knows what secrets he still has?

Benson Okonkwo

This is the guy who likes to take the sexy pictures and post them on the Internet. He is a model and therefore, he is very popular. What is more, he is believed to like the same sex.

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 People started talking because he was starring in a movie where he played a gay person. He never admitted being homosexual though. But nobody wanted to believe him. Society thinks that there is no way he can be straight.


Uti Nwachukwu

Why is this man considered to be gay? Well, he lives together with his “friend”. They are also all the time together. They basically do everything together – from shopping to watching romantic movies.

Uti always gets mad when he hears something like that. He doesn’t understand why people tend to think things like that. He doesn’t see himself gay, but his fans, apparently, don’t care.

Some people ask them if they are going to go for a gay marriage, which makes them feel very uncomfortable.

His friends say that all those rumours appear because people are jealous. They just don’t understand what they are talking about. His friend and he himself are not worried about what people say about them.


Uti says that if it was true, there would have been pictures to prove it in the internet. However, there are no such pictures. He thinks that people just tend to label others because of their own ignorance.

Most of them just don’t have anything else to talk about or maybe they are unsatisfied with their own lives. Anyway, the opinion of the other people influences the reputation of the celebrities a lot.

That’s why we see those negative reactions.


This rapper is considered to be homosexual only because of his weird outfits and behaviour. However, some fans believe that he acts the way he does only because he is a very famous person who needs to have his own unique style.

But in addition to this, there are a lot of pictures of him kissing other guys. He denies it and blames in on Photoshop, but people tend not to believe what he says.


Good day to all readers of this topic !!! Question - this is relevant today! As the number of gays and transfystytiv today increased to a certain number of times all over the world !!!In my opinion, this is a significant problem in the world! Because these people become more and more worldwide! This deliberate destruction of the stereotype of the family! As children, they naturally conceive and give birth can not! If so then the world will continue to come back to the other side, which may cause significant genotype probemy in person!

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