What Nollywood actresses didn't get the role due to their appearance?

Why did Nollywood Actresses meet discrimination during their career? Where are these actresses now? Brief story of the raised problems of Nollywood actresses are here!

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Are there any privileges of light-skinned actresses that dark-skinned black ladies don't have? Over a lot of years, our actors have found that they did not get their roles for being overweight, underweight or even too black. Nollywood actresses are still suffering from it.

There were facts that light-skinned actors were much more favored than dark actors. It is often very difficult to convince a producer and director that a role is suitable for a dark-skinned actor, even if it has been created for a light-skinned one.

 Keira Hewatch's movie

There were three Nollywood actresses names who lost their roles because of the discrimination connected with the complexion or weight.

1. Keira Hewatch

 Keira Hewatch

An actress became very famous for Peace in the TV series ‘Lekki Wives’.

Keira told she had lost film roles because of her complexion. She also added that sometimes the excuse, which existed for light skinned person did not ‘work’ for a darker person.

Hewatch said that she liked to take care of herself and look good. But looking good doesn't mean to lighten skin. She added that someone, who had a good beautiful complexion and light skin would not let her get a job. However, it did not make any sense.

2. Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson

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Mercy Johnson also told that she lost a lot of roles in her early days of working in movie industry. She said that when she was starting out in the film industry, it was very difficult to get roles because of her complexion. She told all the details in her interview, which was published this Saturday on the 5th of November, 2016.

She faced that a lot of people that her success was just grace. Someone once told her that she was too dark but that was where the grace and also favor of God came in. Regardless of all problems, most of the black actresses that are her contemporaries, have already made it.

3. Chelsea Eze

Chelsea Eze

Chelsea Eze, who managed to become a celebrity in the film ‘Silent Scandal’, found that being light-skinned did not always favor her.

There were some projects that she was supposed to be involved in but, unfortunately, she was told that she was too light skinned for that part.

She remembered, when Kunle Afolayan wanted to do the cast for legendary Figurine, Chelsea Eze asked him whether she could come for auditions but Kunle told her that she was too ‘yellow’. He mentioned that there were some characters she could play but she had to be dark skinned. She had some cases, when she had to play some certain role and the professional make-up artists made her look very dark. Sometimes her complexion did not help her, but she said she would not change her skin due to any reason.

Chelsea Eze actress

Nollywood actresses pictures can prove you that they are really beautiful and there is no reason to choose other ladies. Especially of they are talented. And discrimination in our country must be banned.

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