What Opeyemi Ayeola has to say about sexual harassment in Nollywood?

A popular Nigerian actress Opeyemi Ayeola has expressed her thoughts concerning this matter about sexual harassment and women in Nollywood.

Opeyemi Ayeola

She is a mother of two children and she is disturbed as well as discomforted by this fact. There is a quotation which was made by Opeyemi Ayeola: «I wouldn't totally agree that it’s true as much as I wouldn't deny that actresses suffer sexual harassment, because It’s not happened where I don't mean it does not exist.»

It can’t be said that there is a straight reason for this, that women attract men and vice versa. They can allure men all over the world due to their beauty which is revealed in the films and in the real life, and men, in their turn, can’t throw the temptation away. But still, it’s a matter of choice, according to Opeyemi Ayeola.

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Speaking about young actresses who are just going to be famous, there is a real hidden problem for them. It happens quite often that a beautiful and attractive girl meets face to face with low-minded or so-called dirty wishes of the producers and the directors. They offer quite a promising career if you agree. But talking about herself she gave an answer to this question. It’s still a matter of choice. If you present yourself as such a yes-girl, you will never avoid it, instead, try not to be in such a position, don’t even give the possibility to offer such a thing.

Opeyemi Ayeola

"I grew up as a very nurtured and disciplined woman and I'm never desperate at getting to the top. A man will only have the desire to sexually molest you if and when he sees you as just too loose and desperate. Once you don't place yourself in such corners, I believe such would be convincingly avoided," she added.

There is one more point that should be taken into the consideration – poorness. According to her, poverty doesn’t desert the film industry – Nollywood. In fact, it’s a matter of your beliefs and orientations, how you see things that surround you. Who says that the rich do not cry? Let’s take Hollywood. Is there something different? The actresses also have the same problems, don’t they?

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