What should we know about a Brasilian girl spotted with Usain Bolt?

Who is a hot Brazilian girl, who made out with Usain Bolt? Do you want to see the photos? All the pictures are gathered here! Check out all the information about her in this article!

Usain Bolt and girl

Usain Bolt speed is already legendary. Now he is a celebrity. Everyone has already heard some news in the private life of Usain Bolt. After Usain Bolt running record he has become extremely popular world-wide. So his relationship with 20-year-old Jady Duarte became known very fast.

But while the woman is becoming more and more popular on the internet day-by-day due to her affair with the famous sportsman, here are five facts you would probably like to find out about Jady.

1. She is the widow of a famous drug-lord who unexpectedly died in a shootout with local police

Jady Duarte's husband

Jady told that she is the widow of Douglas Donato Pereira, who was better known as Diná Terror. He was a popular notorious drug lord who was shot in fight with police, recently, in March 2016.

Police tracked him down (because of serious crime) in his house and there he was killed.

2. Jady has two kids. The father is the drug lord Douglas Donato Pereira.

Their names, ages or something like that is unknown and totally secret information.  However, the insider proves that Jady has two children from her ex-husband Pereira.

3. After her husband was killed, Jady decided to post a kind of tribute on social media account, lamenting his absence.

Jady Duarte wearing bikini

She said that she would be with her love the way she had always wanted, because in heaven all the time is time to be happy. This is what she wrote on her Facebook account.

4. A lady didn’t know who Usain Bolt was, when he approached her flirting at a club in Rio.

Usian with girlfriend

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Rio outlet Extra had a small interview with Jady, where she said that she had no idea he was an athlete at first. At that time Jady did not even know it was Usian Bolt, as there were a lot of Jamaicans. Some time after Jady’s night with legendary Usain was leaked to the audience via WhatsApp.

Jady sent photos of her and Usain together in bed to her friends using WhatsApp, and, well, of course, the pictures have leaked since then.

Jady Duarte and Usian

She said she just sent them to the group of her close girlfriends. She also said that only those who had seen the Olympics would recognize him. Unfortunately, someone understood it wrong and almost everyone in the world recognized Usian Bolt.

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