What should we know about Aliko Dangote's family?

What facts from Aliko Dangote’s biography we need to know? What is his family like? How many children does he have? Let’s find out together.

Aliko Dangote

Let’s start with making sure we are all on the same page about Aliko Dangote. He is quite known, and no wonder considering his net worth and how much he has achieved both in business and in other aspects of life.

Let’s start with the fact that Aliko Dangote is one of the wealthiest men in Africa. His net worth is about $15 billion, which far ahead of other prominent businessmen of the continent. On top of that, a serious number of $15 billion makes him one of the richest men on the planet, according to the study conducted by Forbes.

Apart from being incredibly wealthy, he is also amazingly talented. He is what we know him thanks to a tremendous entrepreneurial talent of his. He first came up with an idea of running his own business back when he was an ambitious 21-year-old.

Aliko Dangote children

Back then he had just finished his studying. He got back home and came with an idea of starting the Dangote group. He borrowed money from his relatives and started a company. He began with production and distribution of rice and vegetable oil. However, as he was checking the tendencies of the market, he decided to switch to selling other materials. He did not drop the idea of doing what he was doing and kept on working with sugar distribution.

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There is also an extensive list of the nominations and awards in the biography of Aliko Dangote. His first award was from Forbes. He was honored to get Africa Person of the Year two years ago.

Today, Aliko Dangote is fifty-nine years old. He has a wife and, as some sources state fifteen children (unfortunately, we could not check this information). People familiar with his biography noted that Aliko Dangote is a handsome man. On top of that he is the owner of quite a spectacular fortune. No wonder women were never able to resist his charm. However, as his biography shows, commitment is something not so much about him.

Aliko Dangote biography

Aliko Dangote has been divorced three times. The official data shows that he has women from all his ex-wives. Well, let’s see what secrets this tycoon is hiding from the rest of us.

Aliko Dangote got married first when he was only twenty years old. This marriage was chosen for him by his family. They got married really soon even before he started his first business. However, in 2009 Aliko Dangote fell in love again with a girl who was a daughter of the late president of the State of Nigeria back then. However, the lady refused to build romantic relationships with the tycoon for a lot of reasons. Among the main reasons was the fact that she was a close companion of one of Aliko Dangote’s children.

After Aliko Dangote got a divorce from his first wife that his family chose for him, he officially married Mariya A. D Muhammad Rufai, a Senator’s daughter and former Bauchi State Commissioner for Women Affairs and Human Services. However, this marriage did not last either. He got married several times after that again.

Here is what you also need to know about Aliko Dangote’s romantic affairs. Here is what the Nairaland website states about the billionaire’s private relationships with women:

“Some other women have also been romantically linked to the billionaire. These include the Director and Secretary of his United Kingdom subsidiary, Dangote Global Services, Miss Oluwatosin Coker while another is the late Ondo-born business executive, sugar merchant and reverend with the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Rev. Chief (Mrs.) Josephine Oluwadamilola Kuteyi, with whom he dragged the purchase of the Bacita Sugar Factory. A divorced mother of four sons (Saheed, Ganiyu, Ahmed and Rasaq), she died in a helicopter crash in Osun State in 2011 while on her way to her Bacita sugar company in Kwara State. The helicopter plunged from a height of 2,500 feet, killing all the occupants.”

Aliko Dangote family

Considering a number of marriages he has been involved into, Aliko Dangote has a lot of children. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about his daughters. Being a Muslims, they try to keep their private life to themselves, unfortunately for those who like to sneak in famous people’s lives. Their names are Mariya, Fatima and Hatima. They do not reside in Nigeria at the time being.

They have already migrated to the United Kingdom and reside there. , Aliko Dangote is known to have an adopted child. This is a boy; his name is Abdulrahman Fasasi. He will be the heir of all, Aliko Dangote’s wealth.

The information about his current wife is scarce; therefore, we won’t be able to tell you more about her.

If you are interested in learning more about the success story of a man like Aliko Dangote, please make sure to check out the articles we have mentioned here. Stories of success like this one are always worth a read.

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