What things Kanye West doesn't like?

What things does Kanye West hate? What can annoy him a lot? What does he write in his Tweeter? Find out the most strange and unexpected things that Kanye hates right now!

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Kanye West is a famous American rapper, who managed just a few years to release six successful albums, as well as to gather a rich harvest of just fourteen statuettes of 'Grammy'. Nowadays he is considered as one of the most controversial artists in the USA, especially after marriage with Kim Kardashian.

Who is he?  Kanye West. Famous, why?

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Popular American rapper. He released his debut album was The College Dropout in 2004, the second album was Late Registration in 2005, the third - Graduation album in 2007, the fourth - 808s & Heartbreak in 2008 and the fifth was My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in the 2010th, the sixth - Yeezus in 2013. His five albums have received numerous awards (including fourteen Grammies), critical acclaim and commercial success. West also launched his own record label GOOD Music. The mascot of West trademark is a teddy bear, whose image appeared on the covers of his three albums, as well as on the cover of the single Stronger. The fifth disc of artist, named, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has become a favorite one of music critics. It won a Grammy for best rap album of 2011, and also won the top marks of famous magazines and websites, such as Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly and Pitchfork. 

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Kanye West was always a man who knew what he liked – and what he didn’t. It may seem difficult to keep track of everything Kanye’s directed poison-laced Tweets at or a very serious tongue-lashing towards, we created a top list of what he hates. Enjoy!

The streaming wars

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This year in July, Kanye took to Twitter to call and end for the Tidal and Apple beef, naming it a ‘dick-swinging contest’ and that was ‘fucking up the music game’. West, remember, is one of the ‘native’ original backers of Tidal and, meaningly, when Kanye released his last album, which was called ‘The Life of Pablo’, he claimed it a Tidal exclusive for life (well, it wasn’t).

Taylor Swift

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But not always, sometimes. West and pop giant Taylor Swift have had a very difficult relationship. First there was the embarrassing 2009 VMA debacle where Kanye certainly did not like Taylor. But then they seemed to clear everything up with some weird public displays of their ‘friendship’. Then again, it all blew up in February with the 'Famous' lyric. And the words were like: ‘I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous. Then there was a very huge public scandal in which Kanye stated that Taylor approved the line and his wife at that time Kim Kardashian told that Swift was acting as a victim and he addressed her with only an onstage rant. The hate was back.

Not being sued

He created his super controversial 'Famous' video, where were naked waxworks of Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian and also ex-President George W. Bush. In his tweet he said if somebody could sue him already, he would wait. This tweet is deleted now.


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A lot of people would agree with Kanye on this point. When he uploaded a picture of a laptop to Twitter, EDM DJ deadmau5 told that West used stolen production software and named him a ‘dick’. Kanye decided not to stay silent and hit him back by calling him a real ‘hypocrite’, mentioning a tweet of 2013 from deadmau5, where he mentioned some pirating computer software. Wow.

The Grammy

West likes to have his personality on top at awards shows. He has a bad habit of stealing the others’ show even if he doesn’t win anything.  But Kanye really wants to win everything nonetheless. Particularly, The Grammys have annoyed Yeezy with its several occasions, most recently it happened in February this year. He exploded with a series of tweets addressed to the ceremony, saying different offensive things and calling it ‘completely out of touch’. It happened not for the first time: in 2013 he told that the awards were extremely irrelevant.

A finger up the bum

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After a scandal with popular rapper Wiz Khalifa, Kanye’s ex Amber Rose and Wiz’s then-wife gave a lot of explicit details about Kanye's and her sex life when they were together. She wrote on Twitter: ‘Awww @kanyewest are u mad I'm not around to play in ur asshole anymore? #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch’. Kanye reacted immediately saying during his performance in LA ‘She never stick no fingers in my ass. I don't play like that’.


Once he was announced as the headliner of Glastonbury in 2015 there was a publicized petition asking that he withdraw from the event. He did not get too angry about it, just fair to call it ‘an insult to all music lovers around the world’.

George W. Bush

There were a lot of scandals made by Kanye ‘touching’ President Bush. He was especially annoyed with the very slow response to the Hurricane in 2005, named Katrina.  During a TV fundraising slot Kanye told that George Bush didn’t care about black people at all.

The fashion industry

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Though West is in the fashion industry himself now, he was not really fond of it. Once Kanye called this industry ‘racist’, it happened in 2014. He still uses Twitter to critique the whole fashion industry, when he thinks it’s appropriate.

The paparazzi

Kanye's public life constantly had love and hate relationships with the paparazzi. Sometimes he broke up fights between journalists, and other times, he was very vocal disapproval of his practice. ‘I can equate it to inequality. We are a minority group here in Los Angeles, so celebrities must unite to influence the children – the guys, who are trying to take a photo, the guys are trying to get a big win, the one trying to get a check ' he said in a his interview in 2013 after the attack on the photographer.


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In 2013, Kanye claimed sometimes weird but insulting things about sportswear brand, Nike. He said that everyone was at Nike, literally everyone was at Nike, Mark Parker just let go of culture’.  West told that during a tour date, despite the fact that recently he released a trainer with them. He repeated his ‘hate words’ in his song 'Facts', which appeared in 2016.

Jimmy Kimmel

After Kanye’s infamous BBC interview with popular Zane Lowe, where rapper named himself the ‘Number One Rockstar on Earth, West got to Jimmy Kimmel, popular US comic reacting at his talk show's parody with an extremely emotional interview. Kanye wrote in a few deleted tweets that Jimmy Kimmel was totally out of line and that ‘he has been and keeps being manipulative’.

Kanye West. Twitter.

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It is always full of controversial ideas, believes and thoughts of Kanye. Nothing can pass by without annoying him. But can it be just some weird PR? Because no person can be so angry all the time! Well, in any case, we may call it successful as we are talking about him right now!

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