What top 5 expensive gifts did Tonto Dikeh's husband make for her?

From the incredible Birthday Day party to luxury cars... I gathered all the expensive things Tonto Dikeh ever received from her husband and the father of her child for the last year.

Tonto Dikeh

In our time, love is a topic that causes very mixed thoughts and feelings. Love belongs to the sphere of the intangible, the spiritual aspect of our life. But many people have become accustomed to feeling the love using material goods. Men give expensive gifts to their beloved women. Women take these gifts with great pleasure, and at the same time exhibit new things to everyone who wishes to take a look. Within a few seconds after receiving the gift, you can watch it on the social networks. Therefore, I did not have a lot of effort to find the most expensive gifts, - it seems, of the most loving couple.

Tonto Dikeh and her better half, - husband Oladunni Churchill are definitely in love! From the incredible Birthday Day party to luxury cars... I gathered all the expensive things Tonto Dikeh ever received from her husband and the father of her child for the last year.

1. iPhone 7 Rose Gold

Tonto Dikeh - iPhone 7 Rose Gold

“Always wanted A pink phone. Thank You Baby… #Iphone7.” -  she wrote about a new purchase (read as - gift) in social networks posted photos

The actress got the newly released phone - iPhone 7 Rose Gold - from her 'baby'. It's so cute!

2. 2017 Lexus LX 570

Tonto Dikeh - 2017 Lexus LX 570

Most recently, Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh got a gorgeous gift from her half and legitimate lover. She was surprised when the 19 October 2016 her beloved husband gave her a completely brand new and perfect Lexus LX 570 2017

"I am indeed speechless by YOUR love for me..Everyday I APPLAUD MYSELF FOR MARRYING such an awesome husband as YOU...Thank u MY DEAREST husband for gifting me such a wonderful gift as dis cutie(LEXUS LX 570 2017). May God bless and enrich u dearly for me,You SHALL KNOW NOT LACK. Your Love has made me a better woman and I am grateful to God for letting our paths cross.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH" – add Tonto near photo.

3. Security detail

Tonto Dikeh - Security detail

Love manifests itself in small things, even if this detail is an addition to the expensive car.  Apart from the 2017 Lexus, Tonto Dikeh’s husband also gifted her with a security pickup.

"DOUBLE BLESSING. #LEXUS 570 2017 and #SECURITYPICKUP. I LOVE MY #PAPAKINGKINGING" - joyfully reported the actress

4. A cool birthday party for the woman he loves

Tonto Dikeh's surprise party birthday

Tonto has also had incredible surprise party birthday from her husband in honor of her 31th birthday. Soon, fans were able to see the funny photos with pregnant Tonto Dikeh, her husband Churchill and their friends.

5. Expensive jewelries

Tonto Dikeh’s Rolex

Her sweet and pretty husband gave her some expensive jewelry. The well-known actress named it as a push present.

“Thanks to my Olowo Ori Mi (MRX), Love you so much..And my Beautiful Aunty Nike (Aka woman with a golden heart) for helping with the pick out of my PushPresent, @sir_rozlah Tnx for the DRY edit #CHOPARD #DIAMONDS #ZADDOKHOUSTON# #GRATEFULHEART When someone loves you they don't have to say it,you can tell by the way they treat you” - she wrote early this year.

6. A 2016 Toyota Prado

Tonto Dikeh’s - A 2016 Toyota Prado.

The SUV is white and was the actress’ Christmas present last year. The cost of this magnificent car is $ 65,000 (Over N13m)

“Thanks to my KINGKONG for blessing me with An Offical Car #ABRANDNEW #PRADO2016 GOD BLESS YOU MY GUY aka #MrX #MrBigchurch #ChristmasPressie #PRADO #2016 #HAPPYWIFEYOUMAKEME” – the Nollywood actress is really happy

7. A Gold Son

Tonto Dikeh - A Gold Son

But apparently the best gift from her husband, Tonto considers little son. She enjoys her motherhood and loves her men. One day she wrote a very touching speech, see below:

"Happy 8th month BABY KING,You have been such a blessing to Us.You have brought us so much Love,Grace,Blessings,Joy/Happiness and Favor.You make us so happy,I Enjoy being your Mother because you make it so Beautiful for me to play my Role well. My Love you have taught me Patience and Made me See Life In Rainbow Colors,you have made me a much better Woman,Thank you KING-ANDRE.."

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Tonto Dikeh - A Gold Baby

"Everything is beautiful with you in it,I love you so much and Prayers shall never depart from my Lips to your Head.. You are blessed my son, grow and rule.god bless you generously,your ways and paths in life are ordered and protected by god. You shall stand tall. Favor, wealth, love, power all shall locate you and never depart from you..You shall be super intelligent and full of wisdom, you shall work for god and help his people, I cover your destiny, head and star with the blood of Jesus.."

"No weapon formed against you shall prosper IJN. Every tongue that rises against you shall be condenmed...The Lord has set a table for you marked with greatness.may god jealously protect and nurture you. May your life be long to see your childrens children IJN, what so ever you put your hands and heart to do shall prosper..You shall never lack in life IJN, wealth shall be you IJN…my world, my chipmunk, my cutie little pie may you enjoy every bit of your life…GOD BLESS YOU KING-ANDRE,I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH ❤ @mybabysmeal #HAPPY8monthsBaby" - without doubt, she is sincerely happy

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