Where Are Really Wrong?

One could not imagine what exactly the problems between our so called 'stars'

and men of underworld nowadays. Recently, we had the cases of Omotola and 2face

cars stolen; though, l don't know how true, a frd told me via the phone 2nites ago

that our Uche Jombo had just had her own bitter experiece too. Her jeep was taken away at gun-point! sad. The series of questions that came to my mind instantly are,

why is this happening to these guys, why are we doing this to ourselves, do we have to treat our stars this way, is it not too bad and shameful to sugest these guys relocating

elsewhere for safety? We might say, though, some of them were somehow lucky having known the path to follow at a very young age, but what of the stress they pass through

on locations, the sleepless nites and all? With all that, the the most convenient way to appreciate

them is by stealing from them? The celebrities we know in other parts of the world enjoy

what they labour for; with their various and very latest autos, some with private jets,

yet, you hardly hear of any harassment or whatever from anyone. l think this has really made it clear that we shouldn't shift all the blames on our leaders for putting our name in the mud. Rather, we need to check ourselves too.

Or what have you guys

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Lol, sorry if i sounded rude.

@topic, it happens everywhere but i guess It's worse in Naija

There are more desperate people there. anywayz, that's the

price one pays for bein' a 'star'.



l have to say sorry for the subject, every thing was done in haste during

the short time l'd got. besides, l'm not used to typing too long mesgs.

My sincere apology!

About the issue at hand, l think it's still so sad to read this kind of thing

happens to ppl randomly nowadays. not as if l'm fighting for these guys as it seemed,

l mean, l'm a kind that easily get disturbed with just little things; that reflects

my kind of passion.

l wish l could control the situation!!!

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