Where does Wizkid live?

Where does Wizkid live? What does his house look like? This I san interesting question, and we have an answer to it right here.

where did Wizkid live in Lagos

The lives of celebrities are always on display. They draw the attention of their fans and are often questioned by their rivals. The life of this famous personality is always looked at with keen interest. And no wonder considering his enormous activity in the social networks.

That is where we learned about Wizkid’s house in Lekki and Lagos as well the ones abroad. So, let’s see where the celebrity lives and see how cool that place is.

Wizkid’s house in Lagos

In 2014, Wizkid got a home in Lagos. It cost him as much as N140 million. In fact, once he purchased a house in Lagos, he posted a new tweet on Twitter that said “New house! Thank u Lord!!” His fellow celebrities wished him the best in his new house and blessed him to stay a winner in all his beginnings.

where does Wizkid live in Lekki

The residence looked stunning. It had everything a young celebrity might ever need or wish to have. However, it was no entirely clear whether he has actually purchased it or just rented from someone. He never mentioned it officially. Yet, this is what we know about his mansion in Lagos, Nigeria.

Wizkid’s house in Lekki

It is also known that Wizkid owns a house in Lekki. As the rumors say, the mansion is at least sixty-eight million Nairas. The houses like this, as well as his other property, make him one of the wealthiest Nigerian celebrities.  This house was built by him from scratch, as the star wanted to have the most original interior and exterior. He had a dream and knew exactly how he wants his house to look like. That is why instead of buying a house he has created a design and hired a tea, of professionals to implement it for him.

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Wizkid’s house in Los Angeles

Another great news about Wizkid that recently broke is that he has acquired a mansion in Los Angeles. Now he is not only the owner of a vast collection of cars but also owns a house in Los Angeles. He announced about this purchase on his Instagram account not so long ago.

where does Wizkid live in Nigeria

Here is what the trusted sources said about this house of Wizkid: “This young musician had shared pictures of the mansion on his Snapchat before posting pictures on Instagram.

He uploaded a picture of himself carrying a cigarette with the caption ‘Crib so big I got no neighbors!’ The StarBoy CEO shared various photos showing different views of the house, which is believed to cost millions of dollars.”

No wonder he is so proud of his house: he works hard to earn this money. Despite his popularity and wealth, Wizkid is quite hard-working and never stops growing as a musician.

Apart from all these houses, he also owns a lot of cars to all tastes! It is hard to say where this artist lives more, as with all the tours and concerts he rarely spends much time at home. So, one cannot state which house is his real home. However, he seems to like all of them a lot.

You can check out the pictures of his houses we have found online to see how beautiful and tasteful his purchases are. So we are not surprised that he seems to be crazily in love with this property of his. So are we! Enjoy the view!

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