Where does Wizkid live?

Are you interested in some interesting information about the housings of Nigerian star Wizkid? Read the article and get to know about them.


We all know that most celebrities are very wealthy people and all their life is in plain view. We can easily find out the dirtiest secrets of their lives, including scandalous love affairs and the price of each thing in their wardrobe.

Of course, most famous people are not hiding and moreover, they are trying to appear on the front pages of all tabloids as often as possible. For that, they have to do their best to scandalize and impress the society by some incredible shows off.

They buy expensive cars, houses, clothes, visit luxurious health resorts and stunning nightclubs.

Wizkid dwelling

Of course, Nigerian celebrities are not the exception, and among them is Wizkid.

He always impresses public by his wealth, posting on his social networks` accounts photos of his new purchases. And one of the most expensive is his habitation in Lagos, which the talent bought a couple years ago. It cost him more than N100 million.

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Soon after getting the house he shared this news with his fans and got many congratulations from his colleagues.

Of course, the dwelling is absolutely incredible and stunning. But it is not the only his residence.

WIZKID property

The luminary also has one house in Lekki, which cost him less, just about N70 million. But it is not less luxurious then another house. He did not buy it, he built it from the ground up and engaged professionals for it.

And it yet not all about the accommodations of the shiner. He even has a residential space in the USA, in Los Angeles.

Yes. Only imagine, how rich, in fact, is this young man.

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