Which photo of Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri is widely discussed today?

A famous actress Ruth Kadiri captivated internet using hairy armpits. Read below, it is so funny, especially photos :)

Ruth Kadiri

Social media have exploded after the famous Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri shared shocking photos in her Instagram page. A famous actress captivated internet using hairy armpits.

Ruth Kadiri is a Nigerian actress who is renowned for her realistic acting skill. The young woman Ruth Kadiri is not only actress, also she  is a screenwriter and film producer. And apparently she is able to surprise the audience and fans.

Below is what she posted:

Ruth Kadiri and her hairy armpits

She shared a photo which clearly sets out her new film in his page on Instagram. After that, her followers and fans simply went mad, because the photo shows a well-known actress in bed. But most importantly, the photo shows hairy armpits, because Ruth Kadiri raised her hands.

Ruth Kadiri

Many of them openly were rude and even asked her to go and shave.

See some of the comments below:

What do you know about Ruth Kadiri’s biography? Ruth Kadiri born on March 24, 1988 was born in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. She is a graduate of Mass communication from the University of Lagos , and Business Administration from Yaba College Of Technology.

Ruth Kadiri

Ruth Kadiri ventured into the Nollywood in the movie Boys Cot and since then has over fifty movies to her credit. As a screenwriter she has written and co-written several movies some of which include: Matters Arising, Heart of a Fighter, Ladies Men, Sincerity, First Class, Over the Edge. Ruth went on to produce films such as Matters Arising, Over the Edge, Somebody Lied and her latest work Memory Lane which deals with the issue of lies and deceit.

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Ruth Kadiri and her son

Earlier, the young actress impressed the audience with her acting job. It would be recalled that she was endorsed and certified as a great actress by Actress Uche Jombo because of her script-writing skills and acting prowess. She however released some new photos to showcase another side of her. Enjoy viewing the photos below:

Ruth Kadiri

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