Who among celebrities died in 2016 you miss the most?

A lot of celebrities died in 2016 which made this year incredibly sad. Do you want to know who they are? Read this article and learn more about famous people who died this year.

celebrities who died in 2016

This year has been very cool in Nigeria so far in terms of the development of entertainment. However, there have been a lot of celebrities who died in 2016.

Most of them were really important for Nigerian musical and acting industry and that’s what makes it even sadder.

Ojb Jezreel

Ojb Jezreel is a famous Nigerian music producer. He had been suffering from the kidney disease for more than 10 years. In 2014 the producer went to India to have a surgery.

He had a kidney transplant but apparently nothing worked and the doctors couldn’t save his life. He died on June 26.

Henrietta Kosoko

The famous actress Henrietta Kosoko passed away on June 6. She died at the hospital where the doctors were trying to fight for her life but it didn’t work. Few days after her death she was finally buried.

Henrietta was an actress and also the wife of Jide Kosoko.

Mile Odachie

Nigeria was really sad to hear that Mile Odachie died this year. He was a famous actor who starred in a lot of Nollywood films.


celebrities who died in 2016

Nomoreloss was very famous in Nigeria. He is one of those Nigerian celebrities who passed away this spring. The media revealed that musician was suffering from a severe sickness which finally killed him.

He died in a hospital.

Genevieve Nene

Genevieve was so young and her career was so promising! And yet no one is secured from death. She was very sick and all those months that she spent in attempts to cure her sickness only gave her some more time.

But she still died May this year.

Bukky Ajayi

Bukky was a famous Nigerian actress whose talent is very memorable. She passed away in July. 82-year-old died at home, in Lagos.

She also had really serious health problems which basically became the reason of her death. She was buried right away as that’s what Muslims do.

There were a lot more celebrities who died this year. A big amount of world-famous people passed away this year and we are hoping that no one will join this list anymore.

Most of the stars who left us in 2016 were really talented people who built wonderful successful careers and had loving families. It’s very important to remember all of them as well as their works.

celebrities who died in 2016

The first famous and loved by a lot of people around the world person to die was David Bowie. Since then a lot of other celebrities died. For example, Prince and Alan Rickman (the one who played in Harry Potter).

There are a lot more people who are not with us anymore so we should take a moment of appreciation and learn more about all of them.


Kenny Baker

Kenny Baker has died recently – on the 13th of August. He was 81. He was famous for his role in the Star Wars movie. He played R2-D2. Therefore, it was really shocking news to hear for the Star Wars fans.

He took part in most of the movies. He played R2-D2 six times. He finished his career in 2005. However, you can also see Baker in other famous movies such as The Goonies, Time Bandits and Flash Gordon.


Anton Yelchin

This is one of this year’s saddest deaths. This young actor was just 27 years old when he died in the car accident. Anton is famous for starring in Star Trek. He has Russian roots.

The new Star Trek movie was released one month after his death so he didn’t get a chance to see it. All his fans were shocked to find out about the tragic event.

Yelchin also appeared in Terminator: Salvation, Alpha Dog and Fright Night.

Muhammad Ali

The name of Muhammad Ali is famous everywhere in the world. He used to be a heavyweight champion and he died when he was 74. He has spent half of his life fighting with Parkinson’s disease.

One day his condition got worse and he was transported to the hospital where he died.

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Carla Lane

Carla Lane is famous for being an author of The Liver Birds. She died at the age of 87. Her real name was Romana Barrack and she used to write scripts for the films and TV series.

She was especially famous for writing Butterflies and Bread. According to her family, she died in a nursing home.



celebrities who died in 2016

Few months ago the public was terrified after hearing the news about Prince. No one expected him to die that fast when he was just 57. Prince is a legendary pop star who died in one of his recording studios.

The plane he was on had to make an emergency landing after which he was transported to the hospital.

Victoria Wood

Victoria Wood was always an optimist and she would joke even about her own bad health condition and even death. Her family was with her at the moment of her last words. Victoria was 62 years old.

She was the famous actress who won a lot of awards including BAFTA. It was horrible to hear that such a wonderful person passed away.

David Gest

David Gest was a music producer who died at the age of 62. He was found in one of the hotels of London. He was a really talented person who has made a huge impact on the music industry.

All of David’s friends and family members say that they can’t believe that it actually happened to him.


Alan Rickman

celebrities who died in 2016

You definitely know Alan Rickman for his role in Harry Potter. He was 69 years old. Alan was one of the first celebrities to die this year. It was really hard to imagine that such a talented actor would pass away.

However, he had been suffering from cancer for many years before his death.

David Bowie

celebrities who died in 2016

David Bowie is a world-famous rock star who has influenced this genre of music like no one before. He passed away at the age of 69.

Even though he was fighting with cancer for the past years, he remained really active in his music career. Few days before he died Bowie released his new album. That’s why it was especially tragic news.

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