Who among Nigerian celebrities have expensive houses in the USA?

Which Nigerian celebrities have houses in the United States? And what do they look like? Find out about it from the article.

Nigerian celebrities houses

The houses and welfare of celebrities in any country are frequently in the focus of local or international media. Nigerian celebrities with their cars and houses are no exception. Their fans are eager to see where they live and what cars they drive. Even more, interest is drawn to those houses and cars that are outside Nigeria. That is why in this article we will present you the Nigerian celebrities that have houses in the United States of America. As a bonus, we will let you see what their houses look like from the pictures we found online.

Nigerian celebrities houses davido

Our first Nigerian celebrity with a house in the United States is Davido. This discovery is no big surprise to his fans. This Nigerian superstar was born and raised in America, so owning a house in Atlanta is logical for him. He spends most of his holidays and at least six months a year in Atlanta with his friends.

The media shared the information that not so long ago the Nigerian singer had police officers at his house. As they explained later, they thought he was only a scammer that pretended to be a gorgeous boy with a house in the United States. As it turned out, he truly owned the house, so the police had to apologize and leave. After that situation, the house of the Nigerian celebrity in Atlanta attracted much attention; that is why the favorite singer offered his fans a video tour around the place to let them see it. Unfortunately, the video he uploaded for his fans is no longer available (probably some wise people told him it is not safe uploading a detailed guide around your house!)

Nigerian celebrities and their houses

The next luxurious mansion in the United States is owned by Peter Okoye. As you know, Peter Okoye is a singer from a famous duet called P-Square. He was lucky enough to make enough money to afford a mansion in San Francisco. He posted a lot of pictures of his house online as an effort to show his fans that if you work hard enough, your effort will pay! That message has encouraged a significant number of his fans across Nigeria.

However, unfortunately, the situation in his family worsened a little bit, and probably his financial state is not at its best. To make the long story short, Peter Okoye indicates that he is thinking of selling his house, as he cannot afford to maintain it. Having a mansion of this size is more than he can handle. This plays a key role in his decision about putting the house on sale.

Nigerian celebrities and their cars and houses

Speaking of other Nigerian celebrities who own houses, cars, and other property in the United States we cannot but mention Wizkid and his palace. As this young man is at the peak of his popularity these days, he spent a huge chunk of his money to buy an enormous house in Los Angeles, California. After he had organized this purchase, he posted a lot of pictures of his house online to let his fans see where he lives and what success really looks like.

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The official sources did not say the real price of the house, but the pictures show that it is too good to be true, and yet it is! Some media state that it is the most expensive house any Nigerian celebrities own. But it is quite logical, as WizKid is one of the most popular Nigerian music exports. He is always traveling and giving concerts. No wonder he could afford to buy a luxurious house in Los Angeles!

houses of Nigerian celebrities

The next Nigerian celebrity that owns property like houses and cars in the United States is Paul Okoye. We mentioned his brother above as the owner of the house in Atlanta. However, Paul is the owner of three houses. One of them is in Atlanta as well. It might be a common hobby of their family, as it seems that both brothers buy expensive houses in the United States and upload pictures of it online.

houses of Nigerian celebrities dencia

Another lucky owner of a house in the United States is a half-Nigerian and half-Cameroonian Reprudencia N. Sonkey. You probably know her as Dencia, as that is the stage name she picked. Dencia is not just a singer; she is a lady of many talents. She is a model, a singer, an actress; but what is more, she is a philanthropist and a talented business-lady.

Her house is more luxurious than all the ones mentioned above taken together. It is located in the “stars only area” in Los Angeles, the state of California. It is hard to say how much it may cost, but it looks like a piece of paradise on earth. Dencia worked hard to reach this success, and her example can serve as a reminder for all of us that to make you talent pay it is not enough just to be born gifted. One should also work hard and strive for the best!

houses of Nigerian celebrities dbanj

The next Nigerian celebrity surprised his fans with his purchase. D`banj posted a picture on his account on social network saying “Coming to America… Action Time. Who is knocking on my door…” And no wonder: this singer is loved everywhere, not only in Africa! Tours and concerts all the time: this man can afford getting a house in the States.

Finally, our last Nigerian celebrity that owns a house in the United House is one blessed woman. Mbong Amata said that she was sick and tired of not having her place to live, so she had to rent different places all the time. She stated that she prayed for a place of her own, and God answered. She became an owner of a house in California State last summer. She looked absolutely happy and amazed. The details of the purchase remained a secret.

There are many more Nigerian celebrities that spend much time in the United States, but they either own an apartment in a noisy city hub or rent a house, unlike the stars we mentioned in this article.  However, these one were able to purchase a house in a quiet area to spend time with their friends and families after they work hard in different places all around the world.

As you see, Nigerian celebrities often become the happy owners of houses in the United States. They spend half of their time there as they are giving tours and concerts or are invited to take part in filming new movies. The one thing that you should remember when looking at these Nigerian celebrities: work hard and wait for the harvest of you labor to pay! Do not just sit and wait. You should be willing to strive for success, and it will only come when you make efforts to achieve more! Good luck!


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