Who among Nigerian celebrities were born in rich families but still work hard to earn themselves?

We have been learned that successful people are just those who from childhood have a paved path to the future, a happy and successful life. Parents who have been successful are often the main component of a successful business or a creative career of their children.


But what about those celebrities who did grow up in a wealthy and influential family, but indeed, made everything possible to be happy and successful without the help of their relatives. Get rid of you prejudices, it is a real thing as we are.  One can only imagine how far they had to overcome to get where they are today, being under the temptation?

Therefore, this article we want to dedicate to the story which is about people who did not spare themselves and the forces to achieve stubbornly their goals. And the talent that has helped them to achieve completely the same social status as their parents did.

Ozzy Bosco

Since November 2011 this boy became a very popular Nigerian Star. As after winning The Kids Got Talent Competition he had a possibility to record soundtracks with such famous people as Olamide, Rugged Man and so on and so forth… It can be said without any hesitation that this Young African Superstar will be a well-known person not only in his Motherland but also around the world.



Pop-princess has brought something new, so-called a new brand, in the sphere of music. Despite the fact that she was born in London she is supposed to be a citizen of the World and to be a proud Nigerian. Unique Afro-Pop singer, entertainer, performer and also songwriter is just picking up the steam.


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Rita Dominic

The Nollywood actress Rita Dominic is a very talented person. Almost twenty years ago she has graduated from Ikot Ekpene – a Federal Government College and received a BA (even with Honours) Degree in Theatre Arts. The career started since her childhood when she began appearing in different school plays and TV-shows. Overall, she participated in filming more than 100 movies of Nollywood production.

Rita Dominic

Dr. Sid

Sidney Onoriode Esiri or just Dr. Sid as he prefers to be called just by his scenic nickname. Frankly speaking, he is a dentist as well as a singer and songwriter from a Nigeria. The combination is unbelievable but it is true. His parents are very famous. His mother is a successful fashion designer, farther – a legendary actor. He has signed up the contract with household name’ record label - Mavin Records and after this he has record hit songs, which still are in the charting top in the Nigerian music scene.

Dr. Sid


Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo was born in 1981. Nowadays this person is known by his stage name D'banj, if to make the long story short he is a Nigerian singer-songwriter and entrepreneur. During his career, he has won for many times different music awards, including the awards for Best African Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007, Artist of the Year at the MTV Africa Music Awards 2009. Everything of this is due to his hardworking days without the help of his rich relatives.

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