Who among veteran Nollywood actors are seriously ill now?

The famous person and actor in Nigeria, the star of Nollywood is seriously ill now! He struggling to live for over one year!

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Prince James is a well-known actor, who acted in movies like "The Councilor", "Igodo", "Coronation" and "The Lost Kingdom". He was always an active man before he gets to the hospital.

Recently LIB reported that legendary actor who has been in bad condition for several months now is suffering from kidney failure and is struggling to live in the Nigerian hospital. 

 As mentioned above, Prince James Uche, who has been suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney failure for about eight years, is still staying at Godspower Hospital, 32 Road, C-Close, House 7, Festac Town, Lagos State.

It is also known that he was sick for eight years. It was kept him from screens. 
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What was the main reason of disease? 
It may be reminded that some years ago Prince James became ill after one accident. An unknown object hit him in the face.
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He urgently needs N 2.6million to pay his hospital bill and N 11million for kidney transplant and eye surgery in India. He’s been in the hospital for over a year and 7 months now.
Nollywood actor Desmond Elliot is calling on his colleagues and everyone else to help veteran Nollywood actor Prince James Uche who is blind now.

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