Who among world celebrities are of Igbo origin?

Who of popular Nigerian and European artists, actors, and singers has the Igbo origin? What are the popular films and concerts they participated in? Read the information below to learn more info about the greatest representatives of Igbo.

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  • Nnamdi Asomugha is the former player of the American soccer team. He played the American soccer in the line-up of the team of the University of California.
  • The British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor is one of the brightest representatives of Igbo origin and Nollywood in general. He acted in the main movies including '12 years a slave', 'Secret in their eyes', 'Half of a yellow sun', 'The Martian and others'.
  • Tinie Tempah Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu, better known as the rapper of Tinie Tempah also presents this tribe. He is the author of songs and the musical producer. The contract of Parlophone by Warner Music Group branch is concluded with him. He often visits Nigeria and cooperates with many Nigerian popular performers.
  • Ashley Madekwe was born in London. Her father has the Nigerian-Swiss origin. She has started the career acting in numerous shows. The first serious role was in series 'Drop Dead Gorgeous'. In 2007 she debuted on the big screen in Woody Allen's movie, and then has acted in series 'West 10 LDN' and has appeared in six episodes of ‘Trexx and Flipside.’ Later the actress has begun to receive more significant roles.

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  • Caroline Chikezie was born in London. Her parents have arrived in Great Britain from Nigeria. Caroline dreamed of becoming an actress since the childhood. To embody the dream, in reality, the girl visited classes at the academy of arts of Italia Conti at the weekend. However, parents were categorically against the choice of the daughter and even sent her to Nigeria when Caroline was 14 years old. After return to Great Britain, she has entered the Brunel University where she studied as the doctor to work in the clinic of the father, but teachers have decided that Caroline doesn't approach this specialty. Later she has won a grant of Academy of Live and Recorded Arts.
  • Sonni Chidiebere is one more actor of Nigerian origin of Igbo. He acted in such famous movies as Blood Diamond and District 9.
  • Nonso Anozie was born in London. He has a Nigerian origin. In 2002, he has graduated from the Central school of the speech and drama in London. In the summer of 2002, he became the youngest actor in the history who professionally played in William Shakespeare's play. In 2004, he was awarded with the prize of Magnolia Stage Performance Award in China, and became the first from all world celebrities in the history, who has won a prize 'The best actor'.

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  • Lemar (Lemar Obika) was born in Tottenham, London. The nice son of the Nigerian parents has grown on R’n’B and Soul music. In the period of the childhood, Lemar and his elder brother organized a house show for the parents, representing The Jacksons. Marvin Gaye, Al Green and the king of pop music Michael Jackson were his idols. Such performers as R.Kelly, Jodeci, and Stevie Wonder have brought some sense in the musical education of young talent. In addition, the inexpressible impression on soul man was made by Ken Kesey's book, which is still his favorite literary work. As for style of singing, Lemar is ranked as singer of old soul school. All tunes of Lemar are only about love. He denies the different principles of modern sound recording studios. Music for him is a continuation of himself. And for this reason, he has chosen a soul.
  • Osi Umenyiora is an English-American defender who played in National football league. He played the American soccer for Troy University.
  • Uzo Aduba is the American actress and the singer of a Nigerian origin. Aduba is most known thanks to the role in series 'Orange Is the New Black', which has brought her praise from critics and two awards of Emmie. That time her name appeared in the world celebrities news. Aduba studied acting skills at the Boston University and in 2003 has started the career on the theatrical stage. She was nominated for an award of Helen Heys for a role in the play 'Translations of Xhosa' of 2004. After many roles on small stages, she debuted on the Broadway in 2007 directed by Coram Boy. From 2011 to 2012, she was a member of the cast of the 'Godspell' musical.

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