Who among world's famous celebs we had no idea were the Nigerian?

Who are the lucky Nigerian world's famous celebs? Who managed to become successful and popular? Where can you see them? You’ll find out their names here right now!

Nigerian world's famous celebs

Our country has a lot of international superstars. For example, the rapper Wale, John Boyega who has become popular thanks to Star Wars, David Oyelowo from legendary Selma and a lot of others. These people are the ones, who are totally sure of having Nigerian root. But there are some Nigerian world's famous celebs, you certainly do not know about.

The list of famous celebs, who are Nigerians:

Dayo Okeniyi

20. Dayo Okeniyi

Famous Dayo Okeniyi was born in Lagos. He was raised in Nigeria, but then he moved to the United States of America. Dayo is a popular Nigerian-American actor, well-known for his role of Thresh in legendary The Hunger Games and his role of Danny Dyson in new Terminator Genisys.

Zain Asher

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19. Zain Asher

It might be shock, but Zain is Nigerian and a sister of Chiwetel Ejiofor. Zain Ejiofor Asher is a successful British news anchor at Atlanta CNN International. Now she anchors CNN Newsroom every weekday at 2:30 pm on channel CNN International. Previously, Asher worked on CNN America and was very successful there.

Hope Wilson

18. Hope Wilson

Hope Olaide Wilson who knows Yoruba, English and French fluently moved to the USA in the late 90s. She is a successful producer and actress. Hope is famous for ‘I Can Do Bad All by Myself’ (which appeared in 2009), Faith and Dreams (was in 2010) and After the Dark (created in 2013).

Sophie Okonedo

17. Sophie Okonedo

A lady has a Jewish mother and a Nigerian father. Sophie is a successful British actress. She managed to receive an OBE during the 2010 Queen’s Birthday Honors. Sophie started her movie career in 1991 in the British drama called Young Soul Rebels.

Richard Ayoade

16. Richard Ayoade

The 2012 comedy ‘The Watch’, featured by popular Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill amongst other talented actors, was the beginning of the career of Richard Ayoade. He got one of the lead roles in this film. He was a son of a Norwegian mother and a Nigerian father. Richard Ayoade is a successful English comedian, actor, director, writer and also a television presenter. He is mostly known for work in The IT Crowd. Richard Ayoade won the 2014 BAFTA as the Best Male Comedy actor.

Ashley Madekwe

15. Ashley Madekwe

Ashley Madekwe was Victoria Grayson’s assistant from famous Revenge. This role was played by one of our Nigerian world's celebs. Ashley has a very cool British accent as she was born in London. Ashley is a well-known in the ‘acting world’.

Taio Cruz

14. Taio Cruz

Taio Cruz is a son of a Brazillian mother and a Nigerian father. He is a British record producer, rapper, singer, entrepreneur and songwriter. Some fans consider his real name as ‘Tayo’.

Toks Olagundoye

13. Toks Olagundoye

Toks Olagundoye is a Nigerian TV and movie actress, producer and writer. She is famous for her role as in the ABC-TV sitcom called The Neighbors as Jackie Joyner-Kersee. She was born in Lagos. Toks is a daughter of a Norwegian mother and a Nigerian father.

Nnamdi Asomugha

12. Nnamdi Asomugha

Asomugha is ex American football cornerback. Nnamdi played football for a long time for the University Of Berkeley, California. In the first round he was drafted of the 2003 NFL Draft by the legendary Oakland Raiders.

Adewale Agbaje

11. Adewale Agbaje

A British actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is the ex-fashion model with Nigerian origin. He is well-known for his extraordinary roles in The Mummy Returns as Lock-Nah, in The Bourne Identity as Nykwana Wombosi, Mr. Eko on Lost and his Simon Adebisi on Oz.

Nonso Anozie

10. Nonso Anozie

Fans of Game of Thrones, will certainly remember the man, who has met the mother of dragons. He is proud Nigerian person, who has worked on stage, in films, and also television.

Caroline Chikezie

9. Caroline Chikezie

A lady was born in England. She has Nigerian parents. A beauty is well-known for role in As If as Sasha Williams and in Footballers’ Wives as Elaine Hardy. Her popular role as Cyberwoman in Torchwood was honored by critics.

Hakeem Kae-Kazim

8. Hakeem Kae-Kazim

He is a Nigerian actor well-known for his acting in the Starz television series called Black Sails and his successful Georges Rutaganda’s image in the drama movie Hotel Rwanda, created in 2004.

Olurotimi Akinosho

7. Olurotimi Akinosho

Rotimi, who is Olurotimi Akinosho in real life, is an American actor, singer-songwriter and model. Rotimi’s well-known for his Dre on Power, Darius Morrison on the cool Starz Network’s Boss.

Adetomiwa Edun

6. Adetomiwa Edun

Sir Elyan, which is from popular TV show called ‘Merlin’, is a Nigerian celeb too! This multi-lingual actor is a son of a half-Ghanaian and also half-English mother and Nigerian father.

Adepero Oduye

5. Adepero Oduye

She is a US actress who began appearing in short movies such as Water and Fall. In 2006 Adepero appeared in the extraordinary independent drama, called Half Nelson. After a couple of roles in 2009 in the off-Broadway production, Adepero Oduye appeared on the stages of Broadway.

Tyler the Creator

4. Tyler the Creator

Tyler the Creator, who is Tyler Gregory Okonma is an American songwriter, rapper, record producer, music video director, musician, graphic designer, and talented actor from California.

 Donald Faison

3. Donald Faison

Extremely famous Donald Adeosun Faison is a successful American comedian, actor and also voice actor, who is known for his role in the American ABC comedy Scrubs, where he played as Dr. Chris Turk. He also had a role of Murray in the movie Clueless.

Gbenga Akinnagbe

2. Gbenga Akinnagbe

Also Gbenga Akinnagbe is an American writer and actor. He is well-known for his successful role on the HBO series called The Wire as Chris Partlow.

Jidenna Theodore Mobisson

1. Jidenna

Jidenna Theodore Mobisson, who is known as Jidenna, is a Nigerian with Igbo decent. He is a son of an American mother and a Nigerian father.

Nigerians are considered to be very talented and working people, so they often reach success in their lives. But everyone should work extremely hard to get the best roles, songs, etc. These people may become a very good example for a person, who wants to become famous in Nigeria and world-wide.

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