Who are 2face's baby mamas?

What do you know about 2face’s baby mamas? What is the story all about that people can’t stop discussing it? We know the answer, so keep reading.

Tuface baby mamas2baba baby mamas have started a real drama on the social networks. Not only they were talked about back and forth while the man ironically called the Father of the Nation tried to choose a wife among them while already having children with each of them. But now they are famous again given the latest development of events on the social media.

Before we tell you about the latest drama between these ladies, let’s see who these ladies are. First 2face Idibia’s baby mama is Pero Adeniyi. She was left by the celebrity with three children that look like his exact copies. She had some hard times to go through once she found out that the star is not selecting her to be his lawfully wedded wife.

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Nevertheless, she made her peace with this decision, as she was not left alone. She had three adorable children from the celebrity to take care of, and she was more than happy to bring them up using all her strength. She was not too emotional about this decision, at least not in the social media. However, her name can still be heard from time to time, especially when the other baby mama is talking about her online (we’ll explain this later).

Then there is another woman named Sumbo Ajaba. She is the second 2face’s baby mama. For many reasons her name does not appear on the social networks too much, as she had decided that since the celebrity is not going to marry her, she started looking for a husband for her baby she had from 2face. She stated that she had no time to waste on being bitter and saying things about the celebrity who did this to her, as she loved her child and wanted him to have a father. That is why, Sumbo Ajaba, got married not too long after 2face left her.

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Finally, the actual wife and a mother of 2face’s children, Annie Idibia got the honour to be carrying 2face`s last name. She is the one he proposed to and made her his wife. He stated that she is what he believes is the Mrs Right for him, so spending the rest of his life with her and raising children together seemed like an awesome prospect to him.

2face Idibia baby mamas

However, ladies seem to be jealous and especially Annie. She hates sharing the time she has with her husband with his exes. That is why, when he recently decided to visit of the birthday parties thrown for his children from Pero, she posted a long read in the social media.

She said that she believed that making your ex and a father of your children come and visit their birthdays and other family occasions is equal to children abuse, as it violates children's’ rights. Here is exactly what she said on her profile on the social network:

“Am all about child abuse for the last few weeks... And I realise that they are so many forms of it! Even as the parent we do this without even knowing!!! Let's love our children more than the situations!!! Shout out to all the separated parent /EX who don't stress the other parent overseeing their own kid!!! God bless you. Your reward is bigger, and it is in heaven... #sayNo2Parentalalienation #saynotochildabuseforreal #loveyourkidsmore #whatGoneIsGone #letgo #livefree God bless u real big @s/o to @sunmbo great woman.”

Tuface baby mama Pero

However, even though Pero never responded to what seemed to be a direct message to her, a sister of 2face’s ex commented on these words extremely passionately. She said that the woman in question had no right saying such things about her sister who is raising children all by herself. These kids, according to her words, deserve seeing their father as much as Annie’s children do. She also noted that she was ready to stand up for her sister and make Annie take her words back, as she is insulting the other family on the social network.

This drama drew much attention of the social media. They said that even though they like “juicy news” like this one, there are a few things they wanted to remind these ladies about. First of all, they said that such things should remain their private business. If one wants to tell someone his opinion on a particular situation, he should do it in private. Public discussions are only attracting the attention of complete strangers not looking to help but looking for ways to judge you and show you their attitude.

Also, this shows that people only need a sparkle to start a huge fight over something. And if you are leaking some information on the Internet, you are about to see a massive explosion. You don’t want to experience the detrimental result of the possible destruction this can bring into your life.

2face baby mama Pero

Moreover, one should not be criticising other people not informing them about it first. The remarks you want to state as well as mistakes you want to point out and correct are between you and that person. No other people should be involved. Otherwise, you will start a huge fight that will destroy both sides instead of helping you both grow.

Finally, and this is for 2face, love is about two people that are building relationships which will last and help them both mature. In his case, he had too many lovers, and as a result of too many children now has to take care of. As a result, this is no longer between two people. Now the family life and the connections he has with his exes and his children are on display. This might hurt the celebrity himself, as well as the ladies and their children too who of no desire of their own are involved in a fight of grownups for the attention of a single man.

All in all, the Father of the Nation, which thanks to his multiplying success, 2face is called, and his baby mamas are struggling now with the conflicts between the families. We can only wait to see how these conflicts will be resolved.

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