Who are Nigerian male and female sex symbols?

People are wondering, who Nigerian male and female sex symbols are. Do they use their beauty? How do they make money on it? You’ll find all the answers in this article!

Sex symbols

Sex symbols are the celebrities that most people consider sexually attractive. This can be either a man or a woman. Most of the sex symbols are the models and actors, but politicians and scientists sometimes are worth of this title.

Among men, one of the first sex symbols was a movie actor Rudolph Valentino, which was considered at the time a major Hollywood heartthrob. When he died, a few fans even committed suicide of grief. In the music world, one of the first sex symbols was Elvis Presley, and still many musicians are trying to repeat his success, relying on visual appeal and ability to move sexy.

female sex symbols

However, sometimes the hottest sex symbols are people, who are not considered canonical beautiful - among them Jean-Paul Belmondo and Gerard Depardieu. But the most glaring example was Serge Gainsbourg, a poet, actor, composer, an alcoholic, a rebel and a scandalous personality. Despite the rather dubious appearance, he always had some amazing charisma, attracting all the women around.

A lot of glossy magazines regularly compile rankings of the male and female sex symbols, but the most popular ratings are always written in the People Magazine. For example, in 2010 year, according to People, the sexiest man of the planet was Ryan Reynolds, the former husband of another sex symbol, whose name is Scarlett Johansson.


hot politics

A lot of politicians use their external data to increase popularity among the public masses. Becoming a sex symbol gives politicians some advantages among his competitors, but sexual attraction is not the main source of their popularity for the majority of politicians. There are not so much stories, where the world politicians got people solely because their sexy appearance. In a similar example, the porn star Cicciolina became a deputy of the Italian Parliament. Basically the politicians are characterized by a combination of measures aimed at strengthening the popularity, the focus is on the political position of the person, and only in part the popularity is enhanced by the external qualities.

Exceptions of the rule

people become sex symbols

Sometimes it happens that people become sex symbols, mostly men, who do not have outstanding appearance, but they have some other qualities that make them sexually attractive. Among these qualities can be identified vivid facial expressions, good speaking skills. A striking example is the French actor and singer Serge Gainsbourg. His external data, which was ‘below average’, stoop, thinning hair, addiction to alcohol did not prevent him from being one of the most desirable men of his time and, moreover, having the image of ‘macho’.

macho man

Mostly Nigerians choose their sex symbols according to the attractive appearance, stylish clothes, good hairstyle. However, it happens that people like celebrities, who are very talented and have huge charisma. Check up the list of the hottest people in Nigeria and tell your opinion.

List of female sex symbols

1) Tonto Dike

Tonto Dikeh

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 The lady is called the most beautiful actress in Nollywood. Tonto Dike is usually described as very sexy and controversial. An actress has a few tattoos and is mostly seen with her favorite ‘red lips look’. She is also famous for indifference towards almost everything. Her life credo is IDGAF. Now Tonto Dike is trying herself in the music industry, however, her fans consider her as a better actress, than a singer.

2) Chidinma Ekile

Chidinma Ekile

A lady became well-known in 2011 after winning the famous the music contests, which is called MTN Project Fame West Africa reality show. Chidinma Ekile was just 23 years old during that time. And since that time, Chidinma Ekile has created a lot of hits. Her voice is extremely impassioned. She has low cut hair, very nice curves and she is, in general, extremely sexy. What is more, Chidinma is very smart, so she is a student of the University of Lagos. A lady is studying sociology there.

3) Eku Edewor

Eku Edewor

 Eku Edewor is a beautiful, light-skinned Nigerian actress. She is often described by fans as sleek, classy and sexy. A lady has become popular due to her work as host in one of the successful entertainment programs, called as Studio 53 Extra.

4) Cynthia Morgan

Cynthia Morgan

A lady is 22-year-old and she is a singer. Cynthia Morgan was born in Edo State. People notice that she has a very sexy voice. However, besides that, she also has an outstanding curves, skin, and eyes. His appearance is very alluring. No wonder she is one of the Nigerian sex symbols.

5) Seyi Shay

Seyi Shay

Seyi Shay is very popular too. Indeed, Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua is her real name. She was born in 1985. A lady is not only attractive due to her body. Seyi Shay is very talented. She is a successful singer, a songwriter, and also a performer. A lot of Nigerians love her famous track called ‘Murda’. Seyi is skinny and absolutely hot.

6) Eloho Eva Alordiah

Eloho Eva Alordiah

She is a famous hip-hop performer from Delta state. Her rap lyrics are unbelievable. Moreover, it is not her only talent. Eloho is also a successful model, designer, makeup artist, and also an entrepreneur! It is a very impressive list for one person. Fans cannot take their eyes of her beautiful body and face.

7) Tolu Oniru

Tolu Oniru

Tolu Oniru is better known as Toolz. A lady is an on air celebrity, famous for her hosting in Midday Show on Beat 99.9 FM. She is also a host for legendary X-Factor West Africa. Once Tolu Oniru was a judge of Channel O Awards. However, the most popular thing about this lady is her stunning curves. A lot of fans say her body is the hottest on the continent.

8) Munachi Abii

Munachi Abii

A lot of people call Munachi Abii the most beautiful female rapper in the whole world. And they may be right. You should know that Munachi Abii took part in some beauty contests and won the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria. It was in 2007. A lady is a wonderful hip-hop performer and also one of the sexiest women in the country.

9) Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage is the first lady of popular Supreme Mavin Dynasty. She is considered to be the sexiest artist in our country. She has a very sultry voice, stunning eyes, and very sexy body. And even when she was pregnant it did not change that fact that she was very beautiful.

10) Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve Nnaji is famous by her first name. A lady is one of the most talented and famous actresses in Nigeria. Now she is more than 35, but she still preserves her youthfulness, beauty and joy. Genevieve Nnaji is a mother. However, the fans still call her Julia Roberts of Africa. Once, Oprah Winfrey called her so, when Genevieve was a guest at her legendary show. The actress is very fashionable and stylish.

List of Nigerian male sex symbols:

1.) Bryan Okwara

Bryan Okwara

His appearance helps him ‘to build a name’ on runway and also to get the women glued to their TV sets, but this due to his emerging acting career. Bryan Okwara is single. But certainly not for long.

2.) Flavour N'Abania

Flavour N'Abania

He's a successful and award winning performer and musician. His debut single, called ‘Ashawo’ made women of all ages go to the dance floor. Flavour N'Abania loves going without shirts showing his stunning abs.

3.) Kenneth Okolie

Kenneth Okolie

This man shows of his sexiness on and off the screen. Kenneth Okolie was called Mr. Nigeria and women fell in love with him. He's very eloquent, friendly, stylish and charming.

4.) Iyanya

singer Iyanya

There are no photos of him on social media, Iyanya doesn't get ladies’ wishing he was their man. A guy looks sexy, sings extremely well. The fans say he's got a stunning body.

5.) William Troost-Ekong

William Troost-Ekong

William Troost-Ekong is a 22-year-old Nigerian footballer, who plays for Norwegian club, called Haugesund, on loan from his Belgian club Gent. William Troost-Ekong was born in the Netherlands, but he works in Nigeria at the international level.

6.) Enyinna Nwigwe

Enyinna Nwigwe

Nollywood industry needed new fresh faces and Enyinna Nwigwe was just what they needed. A man is not just handsome, he is very smart, stylish, eloquent and simply knows how to get the attention of the ladies. He also has a great talent.

7.) Kelvin Godson

Kelvin Godson

A man became Model of the Year in 2015. He was called so by the Lagos Fashion & Design Week organizers. The fans say he totally deserves it. He is very tall, well-built man with a body, which has helped him to build a career on the runway.

8.) Peter Osaze Odemwingie

Peter Osaze Odemwingie

Peter Osaze Odemwingie is one of the most handsome players of the Nigerian Super Eagles squad. He is a forward and also winger for Premier League club Stoke City. A man gets everyone's attention during his game. He started his career with Bendel Insurance in the famous Nigeria Premier League.

9.) Mark Essien

Mark Essien

His appearance can make you want to book hotel reservations using his company, Hotels.ng (which was founded in 2012). The pretty CEO has become one of the few successful startup founders in Nigeria. He had a technical background. His company has managed to grow and become the biggest online hotel booking web-site in Nigeria. He is not only sexy but also very smart guy.

10.) Leon Aderemi Balogun

Leon Aderemi Balogun

Leon Aderemi Balogun is very sexy and being a footballer makes him even sexier. The Fortuna Dusseldorf defender is from Ijebu Ode, which is in Ogun State. He made his first appearance for Nigerian team against Mexico in their friendly match, which took place in Atlanta in 2014. Since then a lot of people would like to know more about Leon. He's not married. If you wanted to know that.

The idea is that a sex symbol is a standard of gender appeal of our time. The image is absolutely attractive today and now to the opposite sex. Not all, who prescribed to be sex-symbols, may qualify for such status in the eyes of contemporaries.

hot black lady

Spectators are more attracted by the name, talent, not the appearance. Actor in this case can be ugly and not young, and not sexy. Actor - sex symbol, akin to the sprinter, he is good for short and ‘noisy’ projects – music industry or any solo program, where the viewer gets only opportunity to admire him, not being distracted by the Director and other performers. But being in love with actresses and actors will always be in our world. And there is no better place than the theater for the old-fashioned romantic feelings to come up. Idol is right here, close to the fan. So Nigerians choose the hottest and try to be closer to them.

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