Who are the happiest Nollywood married couples?

Did you know how top the list of the happiest Nollywood couples? You will be surprised to see who these couples are. Check out their stories and pictures here.

best Nollywood couples

Marriage is one of the best and most important choices you will make in your life. It takes much love, ability to accept and forgive, but it is also one of the greatest joyful components of your life. Let’s see which of the best Nollywood couples are happy in marriage and can say that they found this joy in their family life.

There are a lot of obstacles for married famous couples, as they continually become victims of rumors and lies that are spread about them. However, those couples whose bonds are close and tight can overcome these difficulties efficiently and recover from the lies spread around them.

The happiest married couples of Nollywood are as follows:

Nollywood married couples pics


This couple has ruined all the stereotypes that married celebrities never make it too long in their marriage. The husband is a famous actor who has been on stage for many years now. Despite his popularity and busy schedule between the acting sessions, he still keeps the family as his top priority.

They got married sixteen years ago. Back then Jumobi was a popular lady, and she had quite a few offers from different men of Nigeria. However, she only said yes to Richard Damijo, and has been faithful to him since then. This family has often been accused of being unfaithful to each other on different occasions. However, they deny any of the rumors and state that their enemies want to ruin their marriage.

They try to keep their marriage in private. It is something only between two of them, not something for the public at large. Another reason they are still together is that they both have faith in God who seems to be keeping them close to each other and never letting go. It would be absolutely different if it were not for Him and His hard work in their marriage.

Nollywood couples pictures


In less than a month, this couple will celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary. The secret to their successful marriage is going this way together. It takes two people to build the relationship, so they have always chosen to do it together. They seem to be very happy and in love with each other. They ruin the idea that love only lives a couple of years.

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On one of their latest anniversaries, the husband shared that he was happy beyond words that God entrusted him with the best wife he could ever wish for. She if a great mother, his best friend, an excellent lover, and a perfect example to follow. She is the woman to look up to.

It feels like their secret is in being supportive of each other, as on that same anniversary Omoni Oboli made a huge post celebrate happy married life where she noted that she felt blessed to be a wife of a strong man like her husband. They lots of fun moments in their marriage, and she considers him to be her everything. There is nothing else she could ever wish for in her family life. Way to go Obolis!

, top Nollywood couples


Their marriage is a long and a happy one. They are among those top Nollywood couples who kept their love throughout years never giving up on each other. As the leader of the family shared with the journalists, he believes that their secret is in their intimacy with God. They follow Him and love Him first, and that is how He makes them closer to Himself and each other.

Another key to a long happy marriage like theirs is being good friends. Think of the first person you would call if anything happened to you? Would it be your husband? If not, then there is something you really need to reconsider in your life! Your spouse needs to be way closer to you than any other friends, as God has given him/her as a life-long friend and companion.

And never lose your temper, no matter what challenges you meet on your way. Remember to communicate the hardships and blessings to each other in a calm, respectful way and always remain loyal and faithful. Never speak badly about the one you love. Besides, try to think of the two of you as if you are one whole. There is no more room for “you” and “me,” as from now on we are always “us.”

best Nollywood couples pictures


This couple considers that they are very lucky to have each other. How differently Nollywood married couples think of each other these days. But luckily, Patrick and Ireti Doyle see their marriage as a blessing, not as a burden. They stated that their secret is in appreciating everything they have in their lives.

They truly are rich: they have a huge family with six children, big houses and no problems most of the people have to struggle with. However, it only seems to be so. They are people just like us only with a higher standard of living. They have misunderstandings; they can be tired and grumpy, but they always choose to fight for their marriage and not against each other no matter what conflict they are trying to settle.

They put much emphasis on God’s role in their relationships. According to their words, it is all his grace that they are together and happy. They see all the wealth he has given them as something they do not deserve but were given out of mercy. And no matter what difficulties come their way, stay believe firmly that everything in their lives is chosen by God to make them better people and work for the best.

Moreover, they noted that they try to find special time for their family only. In between acting and filming and any other activities, they like to stop and take time just for the family. This Nollywood couple likes to build strong bonds with their children and each other. They claim that they like inspiring each other and encouraging to achieve more and do better. There is no place like home; and as the message they want the world to see from their family, the family is a real treasure one should be careful with.

Nollywood couples


This Nollywood married couple is all about equality. The wife here is proud that her husband gives her much freedom to be herself and do not see her merely as a housewife and someone to take care of the household. Though she is still doing it, she knows that she can always count on him to help her. She believes that their happy marriage is so thanks to the ability to communicate everything on their hearts to each other. They try to settle misunderstandings by talking to each other and looking for a compromise. There is no right no wrong in the love relationship.

They are good friends and best buddies. They like a lot of things about each other and support ideas of the spouse. Friendship is what keeps their marriage moving toward, doing better and achieving more. Omotola does not expect her husband to change. It is a real trap if you are not ready to accept the person but hope for changes to come and make it easier for you. She learned to be his co-pilot and let him lead the way while she is just there to support the leader.

In their family, a wife is a person of action. She will no sit and wait for something to happen but will go and get it. The only thing the husband regrets is that since they are both famous and busy, they don’t have enough time for each other. It feels like this part of their life needs more attention and much more free time to fix. He compliments her on being a good mother and a brilliant life companion. As they stated being famous but remain happily, married takes much hard work. The reason why Nollywood couple split is that they are not ready to fight for each other and stick to being selfish rather than caring.

So here you go – a list of happy Nollywood married the couple with the pictures that demonstrate how happy they are to be together. Use their advice on marriage to avoid mistakes and get right principles from experienced married people. And be happy!

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