Who are the P Square brothers: Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye

These twin brothers are well-known across Nigeria. Have you heard of the latest problems in the band and with the older brother Jude?

Who are those popular P square brothers? What do you know about them? Who is your favorite? Find out all the possible detail concerning Peter and Paul Okoye biography, their career, and private life!

Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye

Paul and Peter Okoye biography

As you know, Psquare is a duo consisting of two twin brothers. Their real names are Paul and Peter. They were born in Plateau state, in the city of Jos, but their family originally came from state of Anambra.

p square brothers

Their career started when they were schoolboys. Brothers decided to join music and drama club. Thus, they began developing their skills in singing and dancing. After some time, they initiated a-cappella quartet, named MMMPP.

Psquare reached fame in their native city very soon. Their break dancing band called The Smooth Criminals and brought popularity to them. In 1999, Peter and Paul Okoye went to music school to improve skills in drums, bass and rhythm guitar, and keyboard.  Nevertheless, soon after entering the University of Abuja, they disbanded. All the members chose their own way in life (mostly as solo artists). Thus, brothers decided to create their own. They selected Psquare title for their band. In 2001, Paul and Peter Okoye released their first studio album. They have recorded seven albums, six of which under their own label – Square Records.

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Paul Okoye wedding

paul okoye wedding

Paul Okoye wife is Anita Isama. They met in 2004. Both of them were students at University of Abuja during that time. Their wedding took place at Aztech Arcum Events Centre in 2014. It was the 22nd of March. For this occasion, they chose Port Harcourt city. Before their marriage, they gave birth to a son. It happened on April 11th in 2013. His name is Andre.

Peter Okoye wedding 

peter okoye wedding

The second twin brother is also married. Peter Okoye wife Titilola Loretta Omotayo. She’s been his girlfriend for quite long time. Their traditional wedding took place on the 17th of November in 2013. The ceremony was held at The Ark in Lekki, in Lagos. Lots of prominent personalities were present during the wedding.

Besides, the couple has two kids. Peter Okoye son is Cameron, while his daughter’s name is Aliona.

The latest news on Peter Okoye and P Square

jude okoye and psquare

Have you heard about the recent argues between Psquare duo and their elder brother, Jude Okoye? In fact, he is their manager.

One of the brothers, Peter, has revealed some details on his Twitter. The band is planning to fire their manager. And he claims that business is business, and the problems and conflicts with Jude have continued for several years. However, there are no troubles with Paul and the duo will keep existing.

There are no specific details on the issue; however, we can at least conclude that that group has not been properly managed so far. Some fans are very concerned about the question, but Peter assures that everything is all right with the band and this is the key thing. Besides, he claims that he will never regret this decision as many followers think.

brothers okoye

Another thing he has pointed out is that whom so ever makes any transactions with Northside Entertainment or Jude Okoye on P square's behalf does so at their own risk.

Let’s wait and see a new manager of the legendary duo. We all hope they will be okay and continue release new hits for us to enjoy!


So I have repeatedly heard about these musicians brothers. They give the impression veselchakiv and very good musicians. Now very few groups where participants siblings. I'm watching these exciting bands. So all watching with envy, but no one thought about the fact that to achieve such fame is not easy. Also the musicians have their personal life, they usually do not have time. Because busy with their careers singer. They work hard and rarely have free time even to sleep and a full dinner, not to mention for the entertainment. I admire them, because not everyone can go through as many obstacles to become famous.

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