Who are top 10 musicians having the most expensive cars in Nigeria

Who of popular music performers has the most expensive car in the industry? How much do Davido’s cars cost? Read the information below to find a lot of interesting facts.

expensive cars

Existence of expensive cars is the integral thing in show business, and our popular celebrities and musical performers don't refuse themselves in acquisition of these expensive toys! Their cars vary from Bentley to Porsche and even Ferrary. We bring to your attention 10 cars of celebrities, which deserve your attention and will force you to be surprised. Read the list of musicians with most expensive cars!        


One of the most famous musical performers of Nigeria is known for his love to real estate and expensive cars long ago. Certainly, one car isn't enough for him, and the singer has the whole six expensive toys in the garage. These are: Mercedes G-Wagon worth N30M- $150.8k, Range Rover Sport SUV, which worth N35M – $175.9, Audi Q7 for N10M – $50.3k, Chevrolet Camaro, which worth N6M – $30.2k and Honda for N5M. The latest purchase of Davido is luxury Porsche Turbo, which costs N22M.

musicians with most expensive cars!

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Possessing own recording studio it is possible to afford yourself a lot of things. The CEO of YBNL uses this opportunity, passing exotic life. Only in one year, the singer has bought two cars at once. Now he has Range Rover Sport for N13M – $65.3k and Mercedes G-Class, which costs over N20M – $100.5k.


Star boy, Ayodeji Balogun Ibrahim better known as Wizkid has given for himself an early New Year's gift last year in the form of Bentley Continental, which cost to him the shouting 45 million Naira! It is the premium class compartment car with magnificent two doors, a cabriolet with an extensive range of transmissions. Besides this, he has Porsche Panarema, Hyundai Sonata and BMW X6.

musicians with most expensive cars 1


Fashionable gentleman from Chocolate City Music label has not only one of the most beautiful and hot girlfriends in the music industry, but also magnificent cars. These are: Bentley GT Coupe for N36M for $180.9k and Range Rover Sport for N13M – $65.3k.


He wouldn't be called The Chairman in society if he wasn't able to afford the chairman's life, isn't it?

Jude Abaga AKA MI or Mr. Incredible is a popular black man who not only sings, but also owns Chocolate City Music Label. He is an owner of one of the most expensive Bentley among stars.

Together with his Bentley, which costs N36M, he has Mercedes with worth $180.9 thousand and Mercedes G-Wagon, which costs N30M – $150.8 thousand.

expensive cars 2


Hot, scandalous and nevertheless beautiful gentleman lives with large number of dogs, beautiful woman in the magnificent house and of course, buys expensive cars. He doesn't look like person who is mad about expensive cars brands, but always divides his choice for quality and maximum comfort. He has Mercedez Benz G- Wagon, for N25M, BMW X6 for N30M – $150.8k and Land Rover.


This musician has one of the most inspiring stories if to speak about his emergence in the musical industry. It was a difficult way, and looking at the list of his cars, it is possible to tell with confidence that he has deserved it. He has Range Rover Sport (N18M), BMW X6 (N11M), Mercedes G-Wagon for N35M, Escalade for N20M and Bentley GT for N30M.

expensive cars 3


Iyanya was included into the center of attention after a gain of title of winner in the MTN project in Western Africa. Since then he has filled up his property with expensive real estate and of course, expensive cars. The singer has two Range Rovers Sport, Mercedes-Benz and Bentley.


Besides career of the singer, DBanj is CEO of DB Records. The sums of awards, which this guy has, are enough to become the owner of the best cars. These are exotic vehicles with which the musician can brag: Aston Martin Vantage N32M and Mercedes Benz SL 500.


By hearsay, this musician has a big passion to cars, and it is absolutely normal for him to spend his money for it. It isn't easy to be at first the seller of plantains and to become suddenly a guru in the Nigerian musical industry. It demands a hard work, and the hard work is always paid for merits and in case with Timaya, the destiny has paid him a fortune. Now he is an owner of Mercedes G Wagon and Lexus Suv.


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