Who are Top Nigerian male models?

Have you ever heard about Top Nigerian Male Models who became extremely successful and known all around the world? If not, then you should know their names and get inspired by their stories. Keep reading to learn more.

victor male model

We will start with a male model named Victor Ndigwe. Even though he is only nineteen, he is already a celebrity. He became so successful just because he had a huge dream of becoming a model and never gave up on it.

It all started one day when after a lot of attempts to get accepted at one of a range of good agencies, he heard about Aquafina Elite Model Look. He heard about it from his sister who is also a model. The contest took place in 2012, and they both applied for it.

Unfortunately, neither Victor, nor his sister were accepted that year, so tried several more times until in 2014 he was chosen together with other teenagers to compete at the contest. That year his sister had to pass exams, so he was the only one who joined the competition from their family.

At the end, he was chosen as a finalist along with a female model named Mayowa Nicholas. They both got recognition in the modelling industry and numerous chances to appear on stage with people they most admired.

victor nigerian model

After the victory at  Aquafina Elite Model Look Victor appeared on runways in Milan representing collections by Ermenegildo Zegna and Missoni as well as the fashion capital of the world, Paris, as a model for Haider Ackermann, Balmain, Kenzo and others.

Victor has become so popular that he is constantly asked for an interview at various Nigerian magazines as well as international ones. His favorite interview was at Vogue Magazine.

You’d be surprised to learn that Victor still goes to school. As he told the reporters he now wants to encourage and inspire young people looking for careers in modelling business to keep trying and never lose hope. It does not come too easily; however, it is absolutely worth trying, working and waiting for it.  Way to go, Victor!

Mozez male model

The other male model you would like to know about is Mozez Praiz. You probably know him for his career at SuperSport if you are a sports fan. He worked for different TV and radio stations. He was so qualified a presenter that he was even chosen to host the Star Football Superfans Show. His biggest appearance, though, was at the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations and 2010 FIFA World Cup.

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However, Mozez is not only fond of sports. He used to be in a male model fashion and quite a known one in his circles. He worked for Modella agency and walked the runways of reputable fashion designers at his own time. Here is picture from one of his shows.

ologun male model

The next model we want to introduce you to is Andy Ologun. His name is also tied with the sports, namely martial arts and boxing. He is famous as a male model; however, he is known for walking the runways in Japan where he modelled for Comme des Garçons, Sean John, Puma, Dior and Michael Kors. Later he was invited to appear in several Japanese commercials.

Unfortunately to his fans, he started a career of a professional boxer in 2011 and left the paths of a male model.

The next man on this list is not just a regular model. He was once considered to be a Supermodel. His name is Ibukun Jegede, and he now lives in the United Kingdom and is 29 years old. He was first introduced to modelling as a teenager at the age of 16. He got into this business after a person holding a modelling business once noticed him on the street and invited for a casting.

jegede male model

When he moved to the United Kingdom to obtain another degree, he resumed his modelling career ther too. He became a Supermodel in 2008 after he won a contest and became the Top Model of Color leaving behind 4500 other contestants. That was his biggest award received in the male model fashion industry. Moreover, the following year he was nominated as the Best Model of the Black Entertainment Film, Fashion, Television and Art Awards.

If you wonder if there is such a thing as a “male model workout” that keeps them in such a great shape, then you should go through this list of tips that help male model stay fit.

cardio workout

  1. Have enough sleep. Remember that sleeping is as essential to your body as any kind of physical exercise. Sleep is the time when cells in your body get organized and take their places.
  2. Set clear goals within a realistic timeframe. This will increase your chances to succeed and will help you move toward a goal.
  3. Eat healthy food. Do not think that avoiding certain kinds of food is a key to losing weight. Your body needs different important nutrients that come from different foods. Surely, you should avoid eating junk food or any other snacks that are high in calories and have insufficient quantity of nutrients in it. Drink much water, regular water, and not sparkling one.
  4. Do regular exercise and not the ones with machines like treadmills. It was proved that people that do cardio are more likely to lose weight or transform their body than those only working out using machines.
  5. Lifting weights is a key exercise for male models’ workout. However, do not overestimate yourself when you only start lifting weight. Choose the weight you are comfortable with, and increase the weight only when your body is trained enough for it.
    weight lifting
  6. Do not believe that drinking cocktails can be of any help to your attempts to transform the body. Male model workout will only be effective in case you eat normally and in quantities sufficient for your body.
  7. Change your lifestyle. To keep the image of male model’s physique people need to cut down alcohol, or probably start walking more or stop drinking coffee in excessive amounts.

Follow these simple tips in order to look like a model just like the ones I mentioned above. It takes hard work and dedication to achieve such goals, but if your dream is worth all the pain, sweat and discipline, do not give up and keep following it.

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