Who has won ‘Actress of the Year’ award?

Do you who became the person holding a prestigious award known as the Actress of the Year? Keep reading the news to find out the details.

Actress of the Year

There is no better news for actors than understanding that they were considered as the best ones on stage. That is why a brilliant news about becoming The Actress of the Year made Tonto Dikeh-Churchill happy beyond words.

This celebrity was not present on stage for some time, as she became a mother of a cute little boy. But now she is back on track; she will be the holder of this prestigious title. She was chosen as the most talented actress of 2016 by Peace Awards for her excellent acting skills in Nollywood. They are sure she will achieve even better results considering her tremendous talent and desire to do her best as a professional actress. She posted a picture in one of her social networks profiles so that her fans and loved ones could share her joy and excitement.

best Actress of the Year

According to her own words, Tonto Dikeh would never make it as an outstanding actress if it were not for the support of Ambassadors of Peace Team and her biggest supporters that motivated her to move on and keep growing professionally.

Among other great news in the life of Tonto Dikeh is that she has got a piece of equipment she always wanted to have. She has recently become an owner of a pink iPhone of the latest version. What a great news for her. Even though she said “thank you” to a “baby” on her social network profile, we are sure she did not mean that her child really gave it to her. Maybe that’s a pet name she is calling someone she loves with. Ridiculous to think that someone would believe that a child gave her an iPhone as a present.

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This latest news about Tonto Dikeh-Churchill’s victory is a great encouragement to the actress and her fans that were a bit afraid that now as she left movies to become the mother, she won’t return to acting soon.

Tonto Dikeh latest news

Tonto Dikeh-Churchill career began in 2005 after she participated in a famous show. She got the second prize and a ticket to her future fame, as the producers and other people from show-business noticed her and decided to give her a chance in the business.

No wonder that she got an award for being a brilliant actress. She has an extensive list of films she took part in. Here are the best of the films you can find her in: “Tea or Coffee” (2006), “7 Graves” (2007), “Final Hour” (2007), “Games Fools Play” (2007), “Love my Way” (2008), “Missing Child” (2009), “Dangerous Beauty” (2009), “Blackberry Babes Re-loaded” (2012), “Miss Maradonna”, “Battle of the Queens” (2014), Throne of War” (2014), “Fatal Mistake”, “Last Mission”, “Family Disgrace”, etc.

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