Who is a new Justin Bieber's girlfriend?

New Justin Bieber's girlfriend. Do you want to know who she is? You will be extremely surprised! Their photos are already gathered here! Check them out below!

Justin Bieber with girlfriend

During a few days, there has been some drama in web between famous Justin Bieber and his fans because of Sofia Richie and also his ex-girlfriend, well-known lady Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber girlfriend

Sofia Richie and Justin

News about Justin’s private life is always top! No matter what country it is, there are always plenty of his fans. And Nigeria is certainly not an exception. Justin Bieber Instagram exploded the web as he has already moved on after his breaking up with Selen and posted some photos with his new girlfriend. Fans began talking and asking a lot of questions about the girl. Justin was very angry, so he threatened to go private and hide everything if the fans don’t stop trolling his new lady.

There is a well-known fact that Selena Gomez is the most followed celebrity on Instagram most of her active fans are also Justin’s followers and they all were only trying to be nice to this couple.

Sofia Richie with Bieber

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The new girlfriend has to be someone worth it for JB to consider abandoning 78 million followers, all in an attempt to protect her from angry fans. Well, she is someone reputably great.

A new lady should be someone who is really worth it for Justin Bieber, as he got an idea of giving up 78 million followers. And that’s all in a simply effort to protect his new lady from angry fans. In any case she must be very important for him.

Sofia Richie

Justin Bieber and Sofia

Justin Bieber news always includes different photos of the girls. But this one must be very special. So who is she? Sofia Richie is the last baby of famous American singer, actor and songwriter, Lionel Richie. Tomorrow a girl will be 18-years, on 24th August. Sofia is a successful model. She was born into a popular family. She has a sister and a brother: Nicole Richie, a popular TV personality and her elder sister, Brenda Harvey Richie, her elder brother, is a TV star too.

Sofia Richie began her modeling career 2 years ago, in 2014. He face appeared in a few world-known fashion magazines. Now Sofia and Justin look like couple and they share something in common: they both love active sports.

Sofia Richie

Despite the rumors and hysterics of fans, we should notice, that the young lovers really look good together. The couple has already been seen hanging out together in some places, and even travelled to Japan this month a few weeks ago. However Justin’s new girlfriend may be very important for him, can she really be worth more than 78 million followers? Well, it’s up to Justin.

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