Who is African booty queen?

There are many beautiful girls in Africa but this one will leave you speechless! Keep reading to find out more about the girl who is called African Booty Queen.

Big booty

The modern world is obsessed with beautiful curvy bodies. Everyone pays special attention to the booty. Some girls train hard in the gym every day, doing squats and weight lifting. Others are willing to sacrifice some money (definitely a huge amount of money) and get booty implants. While the others (the luckiest!) enjoy their natural forms and can proudly say that their booty is real. One of such girls is Agnes Masogange. Just look at the pictures…

booty queen

african booty

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tanzanian model

Do you agree now that she is the new African Booty Queen? While some already doubt that Agnes’ body is real, she argues that it 100% is!

Agnes booty

What do you think? Does this Tanzanian model ad video blogger deserve the title of African Booty Queen? Comment below!

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