Who is Caroline Danjuma?

Learn more about one of the most beautiful Nollywood actresses Caroline Danjuma and her life.

Her full name is Caroline Ekanem Danjuma and she is one of Nollywood stars among the actresses. However, this gifted woman does not limit herself to acting career alone. She has got many other achievements in life and that beautiful appearance is complimented by sharp mind, too. Let’s learn more about this curvy smart beauty.

Who is Caroline Danjuma

Caroline Danjuma biography

This actress had a pretty short but brillian career at Nollywood and we still hope to see more of her.

How old is Caroline Danjuma?

She was born back in 1987. So, presently she is 28 years old. Her birthday was in June and obviously she got born under a lucky star. Her fair skin shade is not a result of bleaching of some kind. She is half Nigerian and half Scottish.

Caroline Danjuma biography

Her mother is from Yoruba tribe, and her father is from Scotland. No wonder she has turned out such a pretty lady, as her mother took part in beauty pageants.   She has always had a dream of becoming a runway model.

During her school years she was a bright and diligent student. To pursue the dream she entered African Church Model College. Finally, she has graduated from the school and finished University of Calabar.

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Caroline Danjuma career

Caroline Danjuma career

Her first movie ever was the “Deadly Care” back in 2004. She got more and more popular acting and continued to take key parts in Nollywood until 2007.

Caroline Danjuma husband

Caroline Danjuma husband

That same year she has met her husband Musa Danjuma (a Nigerian billionaire). He is much older than the young actress and presently he has turned 65.

Caroline Ekanem Danjuma wedding

Caroline Danjuma wedding

Surely such a wedding has evoked many rumors. A young beauty coupled by elderly rich man! They have stayed married for over 8 years and she has abandoned her acting career in Nollywood. Together they have three kids. In 2014 the last baby girl has arrived.

Caroline Danjuma rumors

 Caroline Danjuma baby

Surely, many rumors surround this family and this Nigerian celebrity. She is young, fair and rich. It has been stated that her husband got angry with her at times and even stripped her naked in front of everyone present in their house at that time. There were also rumors of Musa marrying another woman and his baby mama. Still, the couple is together. She never says marriage is an easy thing, but she is committed and praying to make it work.

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