Who is Clem Ohameze?

Love popular Nigerian actors? Find out more about Clem Ohameze, one of Nollywood icons.

What do you know about prominent Nollywood actor Clem Ohameze? Are you sure, you do not confuse him with someone else? Get to know more about his life and career now.

who is clem ohameze

Clem Ohameze biography

He was born in Rivers State in Nigeria in 1965. He finished Baptist High School and then entered Management Technology Institute in Enugu. He obtained Ordinary National Diploma in Mass Communication there. After this, he also got BSc in Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Port Harcourt in 1984. Finally, Clem received Masters in Preventive and Social Medicine in London Buckingham University. Thus, we can say this actor is very well-educated.

clem ohameze movies

His career started in 1995. However, the role, which made him really prominent and top actor, appeared in 1998. That big-budget movie was called Endtime. Clem Ohameze movies list includes about 400 films. Being 50-year-old man with more than 20 years of experience in cinematography, he is still on top.

Is Clem Ohameze married?

clem ohameze actor

There is not much information concerning Clem Ohameze family actually available. Nevertheless, everyone in Nigeria is aware of Clem Ohameze marriage. He has wife and a daughter. He loves his family and says that his happiest moment was when his woman has been giving birth to their child. As he claims, it started during the flight to London, just before the arrival. However, they managed to take her to hospital just in time.

Is Clem Ohameze dead?

Clem Ohameze vs Clem Onyeka

It is funny how confusion may lead to so many rumors. It is what actually happened to Clem Ohameze. Clems Onyeka was the one who died in 2014. According to reporters, he was killed by a bullet. There is another thing, which has made people consider Ohameze dead. He's been away from stage for couple of years. That’s why the gossips appeared that something has happened to him. The truth is he is alright and going to be back, he is not going to quit cinematography.

clem ohameze bio

As he says, Nollywood has changed a lot. Nowadays there are more professionals ruling the industry.

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This mesmerizing actor will probably surprise us with his talent once again soon. He is inspired by the fact that he's able to affect people through his movies. So, let’s wait and see. Much more films may soon be released with his starring. And it will prove once again, Nigerian movie industry is worth world attention.

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