Who is Efya?

Did you hear the latest news about Efya and her album? What stars have taken part in it? Read the article to know some facts about this recent release.

There are many bright and talented stars on Nigerian stage. One of such remarkable singers is Efya. Let's deal with her biography in more detail.

Who is Efya

How old is Efya?

Efya was born on the 10th of April, 1987. She is 29 years old.

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How old is Efya

Efya biography

Efya was born in Ghana. Then she has moved to Accra with her mother. Later she entered Ghana University and has graduated in the direction of theater and music. Star career of the girl began in 2008. She participated in television competitions Charterhouse's Stars. The singer lost to other girl, but has won a prize too. She made a contract with recording studio for three years. They wrote down a joint album with the winner – Irene Logan. After that the singer continued to make solo records. She performed at many concerts. In 2011, Efya concluded the contract with One Nation Entertainment. Efya songs became widely known all over the world. According to the performer, African culture and jazz lessons at school have influenced on her music.

Efya biography

The most well-known Efya album is T.I.N.T. It was let out in November, 2013 and included 13 songs.

Besides musical career, Efya is the ambassador of ACOTF, which protects the children who got physical and psychological injuries. The fund also helps homeless children and orphans. The woman has released a special song for this community. The song is available to purchase. All received money goes for charity.

Efya was suspected of the use of drug, but the girl has disproved this fact. The singer is an owner of a big amount of awards. He has 5 World Music Awards for 2014.

Efya news

Efya news

Recently the singer released a new album under the name 'Janesis'. The collection of songs is already available on iTunes. As usual, the new disk reflects traditional African motives and magnificent voice of the singer.

In addition, the album includes R&B, Afropop, Ragga, Hip-hop and Neo-soul elements. The girl sings the songs using Ghanaian dialect.

Such stars of African scene as Mugeez, EL, Ice Prince and others have taken part in creation of the album. Bisa Kdei and Efya have made the joint song 'One of Your Own', which can be also heard on this disk.

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