Who is Festus Aguebor? – Is another Nollywood actor dead?

Has death visited Nollywood once again in 2016? This time it is famous veteran actor Festus Aguebor. Learn more.

It seems like Nollywood has many sad news right from the beginning of 2016. First there was the loss of Arakangudu actor, followed by the death of famous actor named Mike Odiachi. Then there was the boy actor Olamide David, who also died in January 2016. These days death has paid Nollywood another visit. This time it was veteran actor Festus Aguebor. He passed away in February, 2016 on the 23rd.

Festus Aguebor actor is dead

Festus Aguebor biography

Festus Aguebor nollywood

This famous actor has a pretty unusual name. He comes from the old generation of Nollywood performers and most people with such names are over 60 years of age. Festus Aguebor was already in his 70ss, when he died. The origin of name Festus is Latin and it means “festive one” or “belonging to the holidays”. Festus Aguebor indeed lived up to his name, making people happy and giving them time off, when watching his movies.

The fame came to him after starring in The King and I back in 2002. His filmography includes the roles in such movies, as A Kiss from a Rose and Family Contract, as well as Rituals.

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For now no one knows the cause of death of Festus Aguebor. He comes from the Edo state and that is where he resided of late. Most likely this would be the place of his burial, too.

Festus Aguebor passed away

Rest in peace, Festus Aguebor. We will remember your talent. 

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