Who is Genevieve Nnaji's husband?

Genevieve Nnaji's husband – who is that? Interested in his personality? Don’t worry, after reading the article you will get the full guide, will receive all the sharp details and not only.


One of the most breathtaking events in recent time was the proposal to Genevieve Nnaji. Was  it real or fake? It’s up to you decide. So, now let’s tell all the truth!

Occasionally the mad, who made a proposal to Genevieve Nnaji was Uzodinma Iweala, actually he was the son of Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala – the author of the book Beasts of NoNation. Consequently, it became the basis for the creation of the film Beasts of NoNation, where Genevieve played one of the mail roles. This movie, produced by Netflix, is actually a success for Nigeria, Lagos, as it is the premiere. Cool!

So, how the events too place? Uzodinma Iweala went on his knee to propose marriage to one of  the actresses from this movie. He moved to the red carpet and said the needed words. Everyone was so embarrassed, that a great number of people didn’t understand what was happening and was this real proposal or not.

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Being asked such tickly question – whether she is satisfied being single or nor, 36 year old actress admits that she’d rather be single due to the fact that she is quite busy at work because of constant filming.

She is constantly repeating that she isn’t bothered by her single status. Is this truth or not?


During the interview of Encomium Weekly, being asked about the new movie where she will perform some role, she was also given the question concerning her marriage.

Genevieve confessed that companionship is rather good, what’s more, at the time of the proposal-joke she didn’t say – Yes, but she also didn’t refuse.

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