Who is Ice Prince's girlfriend?

Interested in Ice Prince’s private life? Who is his new girlfriend? Find out interesting facts about Ice Prince in this article!

Ice Prince

Popular rapper and Chocolate City artiste, Ice Prince Armani has been linked with many ladies both local and internationally.

New love

However, there is information that the last girlfriend of Ice Prince was  Maima.  She is a mixed race, French-Ghanaian.   


They started to date in late 2014. There are lot of photos of rapper and his girlfriend on Instagram. Also, it should be mentioned that during one interview Ice Prince told that he can’t live without sex. He needs it at least four times in a week.


Maima and Ice Prince were friends for about a year. But their friendship turned into love, and they started dating. Here are photos of the cute lovebirds below:

Ice Prince

Ice Prince

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The Heart beating story

On February, the shocking info appeared in social media. There were pictures – the proof that something wrong is going on between the both them.  The photos were taken during Maima’s recent vacation in Paris. Their love was about to crash. Maima was cheating on Ice Prince with a married man!


Ice Prince’s girlfriend shared a photo of them together. Someone then left a comment on the post accusing her of dating some married man named Akin in Abuja. The user even went ahead to publish “photo proof” that placed Maima in the same location with another man from their individual Instagram accounts.


The Instagram user posted a number of pictures from the same locations and even posting of himself together with Maima.


Ice Prince reacted to in Twitter and said that he was ‘upset’.  Nevertheless, from his tweets it seemed Ice Prince was still in a relationship with Maima  in spite of the stories and picture evidence.

Just a couple of days after laughing off the cheating rumours about his girlfriend Maima and defending her on social media, Ice Prince turned -around about his feelings and has been saying quite a lot of things on Twitter.

Now, Ice Prince is hinting that he has broken up with her perhaps because he did some personal research and maybe he finally confirmed the cheating rumors.

Time of happiness

The couple was very public about their love. Maima appeared in Ice Prince’s “Feelings” video to Maima calling him her hubby on social media. On numerous occasions, he flaunted her on social media. She played his love interest in his latest video 'Feelings'.


It is still not clear if the love birds are still together or not. So, the chances are that Ice Prince is free now and looking for a new girlfriend.


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