Who is Iyabo Ojo´s husband?

Alice Iyabo Ojo was born on 21 of December in 1977. She is a Nigerian film actress, director, and producer. She has featured in more than 150 films, and she also produced over 14 of her own movies.

Her early life and education

She was born as Alice Iyabo Ogunro in Lagos, although her father was from Abeokuta. She was the youngest child of three children, she had two older brothers. She went to school in Lagos at National College, Gbagbada, before proceeding to study Estate Management at Lagos State Polytechnic.

Her career

She was involved in a drama group at secondary school, and then it started her acting career in 1998. Describing her start, she has said: "So after I had come of age, I went to Bimbo Akintola, after watching one of her movies ... and told her that I wanted to be an actress and she did help me. Through her guidance, I registered with the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) and afterwards she took me around, introducing me to a lot of the people she knew in the industry."

Ojo has acted in several Nigerian films. Her first role was in 1998's Satanic, which is an English-language film. Then in 2002, she made her Yoruba-language debut with Baba Darijinwon. Afterwards, in January 2015, she produced her film Silence, which featured Joseph Benjamin in Alex Usifo, Fathia Balogun, and Doris Simeon, it was premiered at the Silverbird Cinemas, Ikeja, in Lagos.

By the way, exactly in 2004 Ojo started producing her own films, her first production was Bolutife, after which she made Bofeboko, Ololufe, Esan and Okunkun Biribiri.

Here is the list of the most famous Ojo’s films.

1) Satanic (1998)

2) Agogo Ide (1998)

3) Silence (2015)

4) Beyond Disability (2015)

5) Black Val

6) Arinzo

And, the most interesting today’s theme is her personal life.

She married to a Lagos-based movie marketer in 1999, when she was 21, that’s why she took a break from engaging her career.  Then was born her son and then daughter (they were born in 1999 and 2001 respectively.) But unfortunately then they divorced with their father.

There were false rumors because Iyabo Ojo was attributed the breakup of her first marriage to getting married with too young man. There were also hearsays about her intention and wish to stop using her former husband's surname, Ojo.

The actress and mother of 2 children told us her secret and to Nigerian Tribune about why her first marriage at the age of 21 unfortunately crashed. Today she happily married to another man, and there are some her comments about her first marriage.

“I rushed into that marriage and I rushed out. Then, I was not even deeply involved in acting like now. One thing I have learnt is that the older you get, the calmer you become and the more you reason deeply before you take action. My first marriage was very fast.

I dated him for about six months and we got married. It was two different people under one roof; we didn’t really understand ourselves. I didn’t understand my ex’s way of life and I was not even ready to accept his way of life.

I came from a family where when you go to work in the morning, you come back in the evening to stay with your family. He came from a world where he could go for one week and when he’s back, he’s back. So he didn’t really work and that was the genesis of our problem. So, I said to myself that this was not what I wanted; I wanted more out of life and so I moved on.

I have found out that you cannot find the perfect thing in one man but there is one thing I have found in this relationship that I am into right now, and that is peace of mind. When you are experiencing peace of mind in your home, you will see that everything will fall in line. You don’t allow your stardom to get in the way of your happiness. People usually tell me that I don’t behave like a celebrity and I tell them may be I don’t see myself as one.”

Why I’m considering marriage now? – Iyabo Ojo 

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“I tell people that the marriage is good. Sincerely it is good, but one needs to study one’s partner. Courtship is very important. You need to know each other deeply. Study yourself in all aspect; study each other to an extent. Love is not enough to uphold a marriage. A man who wants to marry me must be able to understand me because I am not ready to quit my career. This is what makes me!”

Today this beautiful Nigerian actress is keeping mum on the personality of her future husband. She just wants to be happy near him! Maybe in the near future we would know the name of this lucky person!

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