Who is Jazz Jennings?

Nowadays western society is trying to digest a new phenomenon: in recent months the main theme of the media and bloggers were children and adolescents, who realized themselves as people of the opposite sex.

jazz jennings

Some of the even become stars of the Internet and TV; others meet the misunderstanding of their families and wider public when they open. Medialeaks tells several stories about teenage transgenders, on whose example the western people change their attitude towards such people. Stories of teenagers who had their sex changed are not so shocking to Western audiences nowadays, and journalists are trying to show parents that they need to take their children for those who they are.

In early 2015, the 14-year-old Jazz Jennings, who was born a boy, but in two years realized herself as a girl, became the face of Clean Clear teenage cosmetics. In four years doctors diagnosed her "gender dysphoria", recognizing that she cannot avow herself as a boy. Since then, Jazz started wearing dresses, growing her hair and doing all those things that are peculiar to the female sex.

jazz jennings

Despite the support of her parents, not everything in her life goes easily her age mates do not accept Jazz. Classmates call her "it" and boys do not want to date her. She says that she likes some of the boys in her class at school, but no one answers her in return. It upsets her, she worries that it's because she does not look really pretty. But her friends assure her that she is attractive. Jazz believes that one day she will find someone who will love her for who she is. Her parents are experiencing difficulties of her teenage formation along with the girl and worry about anyone who can hurt their daughter, knowing that she was born a boy.

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 Jazz has two older brothers and sister, but from her early childhood, although she was born a boy, she felt like a girl. In praise of parents` "good boy," Jazz replied: "I'm a good girl." She tells about her difficulties in the book "I`m Jazz", which is oriented to children aged from four to eight years, who require support during the transition from one gender to another. "This book is primarily for transgender kids who are struggling with themselves and society. I want to tell them that they are not alone. They should come out of shadows and live like normal people, says Jennings.

jazz jennings

Jazz has become a real star the summer American television channel TLC even showed the 11-serial television show "All That Jazz” about the daily life of the transgender teenager. In the rating of the most influential children according to the Times, she walked daughters of Barack Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan.

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