Who is Linda Ikeji boyfriend

Who is Linda Ikeji boyfriend? Does she have a man? Why is this information is so secret? You will find all the answers here!

Almost every Nigerian knows who Linda Ikeji is. Her blog has become extremely famous only a couple of years ago. And already now she is the richest blogger in Nigeria. It’s no wonder that people want to know about her private life asking ‘who is Linda Ikeji boyfriend’ or ‘is she married’.

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Unfortunately, Linda’s private life is not as bright and successful as her great career is. A couple years ago she told she was single. Linda said she was searching a decent, honest and supporting man, who would let her do what she liked to.

Linda said she wouldn't go on a date with a younger man but she could easily marry a man who earned less. And then suddenly she was spotted with a man much older than her. It was Dan Foster. He is a Black American radio celebrity. He came to live and work in Nigeria.

Linda and Dan

The fans were sad and disappointed. They thought their beloved celebrity deserves more. There were hundreds of rumors around this couple. Also there were plenty of haters and ‘dust’.

After breaking up, Dan gave a shocking interview opening all the secrets of their relationships. He told that Linda loved him very much. But he ‘took her for granted’. He dated two more girls at the same time. Dan didn’t appreciate her feelings much.

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He said plenty of interesting and unexpected things. He said that Linda was a nice ‘kid’. He hopes Linda can find someone for her but she must find the right person. Because Ikeji is really into a business she is doing now. He said Linda was and is very honest. Dan thought he wasn’t good enough for her then.

‘I always asked her why me’ – he said. But Linda was really into him. And Dan couldn’t believe that. Unfortunately, he took her for granted. He thought she could easily find some fine model-guy on the runway. But Linda was so serious about Dan. She was in true love with him. But, unfortunately, in the end it didn’t work out. And the reason was - he took her for granted and he was dating other girls while he was dating her. Dan tried to have relationships in Abuja and in Warri while Linda was in Lagos. He said that it was a nightmare.

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Dan insures that he doesn’t want to go through such situation again. He said he had three beautiful women at a time and then he lost them all. Because they all were waiting for his decision. Dan told that one of girls knew about all the rest ones. That girl could have become the only one. But he hurt her so badly. So the girl even had to leave the country after their breaking up.

Dan said he felt bad. But when he went to the local cinema to relax he met his wife. Now he is married and has children.

Linda’s fans still can’t believe that such girl is single. So they can't stop looking for the latest rumors about her private life. Linda has already got used to it.

Recently there were some interesting rumors about Linda’s plans about wedding. People said Linda was going to marry her beloved boyfriend. They said Linda was dating with him for about a year. The latest rumors said that the secret wedding was planned on 2016. And it’s going to take place in some countryside.

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Linda never denies the rumors. She doesn’t say she is single or she is dating a guy. She keeps a secret.

However, a few months before people saw her on the vacation with one of her best friends. They know each other since her modeling period. Previously, she said that they were just friends. But now people saw something more in those pictures of them.

linda and friend

After her difficult relationship and breaking up with Dan, it’s not a surprise that she tries to hide her beloved person. It’s certain that Dan’s honest interview hurt her very much. So now it's possible that she is afraid to hear something like this from her new beloved guy.

In any case, Linda is looking for her true love not making ‘breaking news’ of it. This topic is too private for her. However, she likes to talk about other’s private life. You can often meet some rumors about other celebrities in her blog. That is why she has plenty of haters and enemies among them.

linda and her boyfriend

We wish Linda find her love! And whether these rumors about her friend are true, her fans will be happy about that! Because such successful lady must be successful in everything!

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