Who is Mercy Johnson's husband?

Who is finally Mercy Johnson’s husband? You will probably recognize the top politician in him. Read the article and learn more!

Mercy Johnson’s husband

Who is Mercy Johnson’s husband? We’ve manage to reveal this secret and found out that the spouse of the top Nollywood actress is Prince Odi Okojie, the future governor of Edo State.

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Some sources say that Prince Odi Okojie is very enthusiastic and prone to be a strong leader. He has already become a favorite of many people for being reliable candidate. There is no doubt, he is the leader in PDP in the forthcoming primaries in the state.

Mercy Johnson’s husband

What is more, he is the favorite of some leaders’ of top parties in the state. It is likely that he will win these elections and will become the deputy governor of the heart beat of the nation.

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