Who is Nollywood actor burnt to coma?

Who is Nollywood actor who burned to coma while shooting the film? How did it happen? Learn the shocking details of that accident!

Ani Iyoho coma

Yesterday, the accident happened to the fast rising actor of Nollywood. Ani Iyoho was on set in Lekki for a movie. Suddenly he was caught up in a bad fire stunt, and his full body was burning.

How did it happen?

Ani Iyoho was staring in the film “Behind the Wheels” which was directed by Stanlee Ohikhuare. The actor was to jump over a fire, but his clothes went up in flames. The team wanted to help Ani, but something else suddenly occurred. The fire extinguisher failed to do its job, and the fire went out of control.

Ani Iyoho

The reaction of the director

To everybody’s surprise, Stanlee Ohikhuare continued shooting. He wanted to add the real life accident to film! At the same time, actor was burning and crew members struggled to put out the fire.  Meanwhile, the film director can’t be reached. Also, it is supposed that producers of the movie Ugochukwu Azikive and Kelechi Udegbe have been on the run.

Ani Iyoho

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What is the situation with Ani Iyoho now?

The actor was burnt beyond recognition. Now he is located in Lagos in undisclosed hospital under the emergency care. Ani is currently battling his life, and his colleagues are trying to raise money to pay for hospital bills. 

Ani Iyoho actor

Another opinion

The Nollywood Insider says that there is another twist to the story. According to them, the scene was made to promote the new movie. They think that Nigerian actors and directors are not daring enough  to use a real fire on themselves.

Another source said that film director is very eccentric. This shot has been left out because they tried it first some time ago and it didn’t work well.

So time will show very soon what is true and what is not. Watch the video below and make your conclusions whether it was real fire or just a publicity stunt.

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