Who is Oge Okoye?

Did people really spot an engagement ring on Oge Okoye's finger? Get her biography and get the news, too.

This popular Nigerian actress has been known for various distresses and situations in her married life. She has been a steady source of gossip and news supply in Nollywood. What is she up to now? Is Oge Okoye getting ready to remarry?

who is oge okoye

Oge Okoye biography

Oge Okoye biography

The actress won born in 1980 on 16th of November. London was her birth place. Later on she has moved to Nigeria with her parents, but the primary education she got in the UK. So, presently this celebrity is 36 years of age. Now you know Oge Okoye age, let’s get more details on her personal life and marriage.

Is Oge Okoye married?

is oge okoye engaged

Presently the actress is single. However, there are the rumors of her getting married again! People have spotted something looking pretty much like an engagement ring on her latest photos. The time will tell if this guess is true.

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Who is oge okoye husband?

oge okoye kids

She has been married to someone named Stanley Duru. The big day took place back in 2005. If you are looking to see Oge Okoye baby, there are even two of them. She’s got a boy and a girl. The divorce took place in 2012. The rumors stated that the actress has cheated on her husband. Later on another Nollywood celebrity has become the wife of Mr. Stanley Duru.

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Oge Okoye movies

oge okoye movies

She has started her acting career back in 2001. She has over 30 well-known and loved movies in her filmography. Blackbery Babes shot in 2010 is one of the best among them.

As you see, this lady has quite a biography to follow. She has been in the Nollywood news many a time. It might be that any time soon she would announce her engagement or wedding. Stay tuned and do not miss the most interesting entertainment news in Nigeria. 


Big stars are always in the spotlight, and especially those of the actress. I have always admired the talent of these people, to be known all over the world, earn a PR and still something to hide from journalists. But there are many people who are quadrupeds zarabytyvat afford such nintendo PR, and so move through their careers. Of course, I doubt that there is a perfectly clean well-known people. So this actress can and wanted something to hide, his marriage, not to show the world his luck, but journalists still know everything.

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