Who is Olamide David?

So sad that we find out more about who Olamide David is only after his death. RIP, talented yoruban child actor!

It’s a sad time to learn more about this young Yoruba actor with such a promising, creative, but short life.  January 18 2016 death has been pretty busy. Besides setting an appointment with the cult member Bayo Ajia in Ilorin it has also visited Olamide David.

who is Olamide David

How old is Olamide David?

The talented boy was just 14 years old! So sad when such young persons go away, especially at the very start of their career in Nigerian Nollywood.

how old is olamide david

Olamide David story

The boy is from Yoruba tribe. He has just gotten and performed the lead part in Foluke Daramola’s movie called the Cobweb. This leading Nollywood actress has uncovered a story of a young boy called Sam Amakiga, who reaches success in life at the cost of his sisters’ misery. As stated, the movie Cobweb is a bit autobiographic for Foluke Daramola.

Foluke Daramola

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Olamide David did a great job playing the key role in this Nollywood story and was a young and popular Nollywood actor with very promising prospective in life.

Foluke Daramola cobweb movie

His career has just started at the Nigerian factory of dreams and it has ended so untimely. He had all chances of becoming one of our favorite young acting stars, but now Olamide David is dead. How did it happen? The reports state that he got injured while playing football. As all boys of his age he just loved it. During the game David got accidently kicked in the stomach and got a bad injury.

how did olamide david die

The filmmaker has shared the sad news with us on Instagram, naming it “Death! Where is your string?” campaign. RIP, Olamide David! What an untimely loss! 

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