Who is Phyno?

Love Phyno? Get some facts and information on this prominent Nigerian rapper.

The real name of this popular and well-loved Nigerian musician is Azubuike Chibuzo Nelson. Phyno is his stage name and it has taken the high position among the Nigerian rappers. Presently PHyno is not just a rapper and song writer, but a producer, as well.


Phyno biography

As many other famous and talented Nigerian singers he did not start his career in music right away. His education has nothing to do with song writing and performing. He enrolled into into IMT in Enugu State and studied Public Administration.

How old is Phyno

How old is Phyno?

He was born in 1986, some believe his was  in Anambra state, but he was both born and brought up in Enugu state. Although his family does come from Anambra state. He had four other siblings.

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Is phyno married?

phyno and nnaji

Presently Phyno is not married. Last year he stated his dream was to marry Genevieve Nnaji.

Who is phyno dating?

There were many rumors of Phyno dating and even impregnating Rita Edmond, but they were all defined on both sides and turned out to be untrue. In 2015 he has share the photos of his girlfriend called Queen.

Phyno hair

phyno hair style

He used to wear a pretty crazy and distinctive hair style, but in 2015 he has gotten a sheer surprise to his fans with the new hair style (or actually the complete absence of the hair on his head)!

Phyno songs

Music was not his childhood dream, but the sky was. He believed he would become pilot. His music career has gotten a start in 2003. The first musical instruments he mastered were piano and drums. That took place in the high school years.

Phyno songs

Since he did know much about administration, he started producing other musicians back in 2003. And only then decided to become a full time musician himself. Ghost Mode was his first single. The first album was recorded by him in 2013 and it got the name of No Guts No Glory.

In 2014 Phyno has gotten the Headies award of the Best Rap Single. He’s got 3 top awards now to boast about.

This year Phyno is listed among the top 10 most read about and searched after celebrities of Nigeria in Google Trends. We wish him prosperity and  even more success in his career and music.

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