Who is Sheyi Shay?

Do you know about the way of Seyi Shay to the world popularity? Read the article to learn more about the star’s life.

Seyi Shay is the famous singer of Nigerian origin who is known for the whole world. In addition, she is a talented composer and producer. Let's learn more facts from the biography of this wonderful woman.

How old is Seyi Shay?

How old is Seyi Shay?

The singer was born on the 21st of December, 1985. She is 30 years old.

Seyi Shay biography

Seyi Shay biography

Shay was born in London in a family of Nigerians. The girl was grown up in religious education. For the first time, she has visited Nigeria when she was two years old. Then she began to study at high school in Lagos. Later the singer came back to England to finish education at university. Her interest in music began in the family. The sister of the girl wrote songs. Besides, her brother worked as DJ in the night club. In 6 years, Shay acted in school chorus. Later the chorus has gone to world tour. The girl has received praises in Japan. She has decided to study music in local British college. In addition, she has an education in the direction of business. According to the woman, her mother didn't support singer's hobby. She wanted her daughter became a lawyer.

Seyi Shay songs

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Musical career of the girl began when she has signed a contract with record company. In 2006 she created maiden group. She became the leading vocalist. The group consisted of five girls. Mathew Knowles' management became interested in them after they have acted for him. He has invited girls to develop their talents in Houston.

The group also supported Beyoncé during her world tour. In total they have visited more than 160 countries of the world. They also received MTV Europe Music Awards. Later the woman decided to begin solo career. Seyi Shay songs became popular all over the world.

Seyi Shay Right Now

In 2011, she released a debut studio album. In 2012 the song 'Irawo', which became a single for the forthcoming album, was published. According to the woman, the song was created to inspire people to rally. The video for this track, which has collected a large number of viewings on YouTube, was shot.

In 2013, she pleased the admirers with a duet with Olamide. According to her, it was very pleasant to work with the singer. In addition, the woman cooperated with such stars of world scene as Justin Timberlake, Brian Michael Cox, Darey and others.

Seyi Shay Right Now became the latest single of the artist. It was released in 2015.


This woman is not only a talented composer and singer, but also a very beautiful woman, who made their own very mnogovo that not everyone's strength. These people are now very multifaceted tsenyatsa on the world stage, so much talent in one person, it is a rarity. She has a very beautiful songs that are worthy of applause. From this very interesting article, I learned a lot about the supernatural zhenschine.Ey many duvushka neuzhno imitate and follow the example, this is achieved because not everyone can, through their laziness.

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