Who is Sikiru Arakangudu?

We have some sad news as Sikiru Arakangudu death has taken this popular and talented man away from us. Learn more about his life and death.

We’ve got some sad news of Sikiru Arakangudu death. The man was a popular veteran Nigerian actor. Let us find out who he was and give him tribute, because we now surely know that Sikiru Adeshina is dead. Sad news for 2016. 

 Sikiru Arakangudu is dead

Sikiru Arakangudu biography

The full name of the actor was Sikiru Adeshina A.K.A Arakangudu. He was a Yoruba actor in Nollywood. He has passed away on January 8, 2016 in Kaduna State. At first there were rumors of him being dead and later on his fellow actor Prince Jide Kosoko delivered the sad news to the media. This popular Nollywood actor was also known as just Sikiru Adeshina, see his photos.

Who is Sikiru Arakangudu?

During the later years of his life the actor did not get many roles in Nollywood movies. He was not seen or heard of and people wondered about his life and career.

In the early years he used to play armed robbers and such personages as Igba Owuro and Aje Olokun are also on his list of achievements. In 2015 he starred in Ayaba Oosa  movie. You can find it on YouTube. Sikiru Adeshina is to be seen playing one of the palace chiefs in it.

Sikiru Arakangudu biography

The cause of his death is unknown for now. There are speculations that he might have had an asthma attack or even a spiritual one that killed him.

nollywood actor Sikiru Arakangudu RIP

Over the last years he seemed to be fairly disappointed with his acting career and with friends turning away from him and forgetting him. He moved to the north and obviously was able to make a nice living there. The gossip states he planned on shooting his own movie, but now his talent is out of our reach. So sad!

Sikiru Arakangudu biography

We know that Adeshina was a Muslim. Presently his family did not make up its mind on whether to bury him at Kaduna or take his body to the south. R.I.P. Sikiru Arakangudu! May your soul have peace.

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So very sad. After all, our life friends mean a lot to us. And he certainly was very disappointing that friends have turned away. Perhaps the last time he had a great depression. Now, many are not true friends. What are friends with you just because of the benefits. And when you tell them not beneficial or not beneficial, others are looking for a warm place. And I think the actor friends with him did so. I am very sorry for him. After all, as a man, he was not bad. And their roles performed well. I do not understand why he was not invited to star in films.

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