Who is Teyana Taylor from Kanye West 'Fade' video?

Teyana Taylor from Kanye West 'Fade' video. Who is she? What connection does she have with Kanye? What is Teyana popular for? Find out all the rumors and facts here!

Teyana Taylor

Kanye West's showed a new lady to the world due to ceremony MTV Video Music Awards. It was a lady named Teyana Taylor.But do you know who she is?

Teyana Taylor was born on the 10th of December in 1990. A girl is an American recording singer and also actress from small Harlem, New York. Already in 2007, Teyana managed to sign a successful recording contract with American singer Pharrell Williams' Star Trak Entertainment, it was long before her first emergence on MTV's show My Super Sweet 16. Then in 2012, she began working with Kanye West and his popular GOOD Music label and also Def Jam. It happened just after she was asked to release from Star Trak.

Teyana Taylor body

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Teyana Taylor is a good dancer seen in the bizarre, explicit and also entrancing music video named ‘Fade’, which is a part of Kanye's album called ‘The Life of Pablo’. A lot of people did not know her before appearance of this video. However, Taylor is a singer, who managed to ‘shout her name’ in the music industry, making herself very popular.

Early life

Early life Teyana

A singer was born in Harlem, which is in New York City. A lady has African-American and Trinidadian origin. Taylor has one sister and two brothers on her father’s side. Now her mother is her manager. When she was 9, she always took a microphone and performed different shows in front of a crowd. Teyana Taylor took part in plenty of different talent contests, including famous Apollo Theater National All-Stars, however, she has never won. Taylor told that Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill and Michael Jackson made a great influence on her music taste and career in general. First she appeared on the screen due to the episode of MTV's show My Super Sweet Sixteen. It is a popular show about 16th birthday parties of teenagers, whose parents are very rich.


Teyana Taylor beautiful

In 2014 on July 27 Taylor announced that the title of her debut album to be VII and that it was going to be released on November 4. The album was sold well - 16,000 copies in America in only one week. 

Teyana Taylor baby saw the world on the 16th of December 2015, his name was Iman Tayla Shumpert, Jr. On 17th of June, 2016, Teyana released her new single called ‘Freak On’, featuring a few guest vocals. Taylor told that it is going to be the leading single of her new upcoming studio album.

Recently, on the 28th of August 2016, during the ceremony MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye West showed the world premiere of his new music video called ‘FADE’. Taylor starred in it, in a real likeness to the movie Flashdance, made in 1983. Taylor is dancing in a gymnasium. Also you can see her fiancé, who is Iman Shumpert, there.

 teyana taylor singer

A lot of people have already been talking about an affair between Teyana Taylor and her boss Kanye West. But there were no proves to these rumors. Kanye West news always includes girls’ names: his wife Kim Kardashian, his ex-friend Taylor Swift and now Teyana Taylor. Who is going to be next?

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