Who is the best player in the world?

What soccer player was recognized as the best in 2015? Read the article and you’ll learn everything about it.

Have you ever interested who is the best player in the world? Who plays guitar and football best of all? Of course, it’s hard to give answer on this question. Here are only some of famous people who deserve this title.

Who is the best player in the world

Who is the best football player in the world 2015?

For certain, each fan of soccer was interested who is the best soccer player in the world 2015. Association of European clubs annually gives awards to the best representatives of the most popular sport. The forward of Barcelona and Argentina national team, Lionel Messi, was recognized as the best football player of 2015.

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Who is the best football player in the world 2015

Messi was ahead of the goalkeeper of 'Juventus' Buffon and forward of 'Real' Cristiano Ronaldo in fight for award of Globe Soccer. In this year, the Argentinean has won five titles, having become the champion of Spain, the owner of the Cup of the country, the Super cup of UEFA, the winner of the Champions League and the Club world championship.

The rating of the best players was made for five game positions and was based on six key factors: quantity of shoots for goal, scoring chances, which were made for partners in team, number of own scoring chances, accuracy of passes, pressure of rivals and confrontation one in one.

who is the best soccer player in the world

On the awards ceremony, world's best soccer player said: 'I am glad to be here. It is pleasant to win this award, but I will note that the main thing is a collective and team. It is very difficult to choose any one best moment in a year. The whole year has turned out tremendous, and I will save in memory all its events'.

world's best soccer player

Who is the best guitar player in the world?

Prince was born in 1958 and was interested in music already in the childhood thanks to parents: his father was a pianist, and mother – jazz singer. He played in school groups, then joined band, which was formed by his relative. Soon he begun solo career and signed the contract with Warner Bros. Already in the 1978th, he released his debut album 'For You', for which he has written all songs and all musical parts, having played on 27 instruments.

Who is the best guitar player in the world

Practically at once, the second album called 'Prince' has followed. In the 1980th, he released 'Dirty Mind', and in the 1981st – the double '1999' which was sold with 3 million copies. The header song from this album became his first single, which has got to charts outside the USA. Generally, in five years after beginning of career he was already famous. In any case, two songs of black musicians, 'Billie Jean' of Michael Jackson and Prince 'Little Red Corvette' has got to rotation of MTV channel. Even externally, musicians were similar in something. The album of 1984 "Purple Rain" is considered top of creative success of Prince.

best player in the world

Songs from this disk became a soundtrack of the movie of the same name, in which Prince has played a leading role and which has brought him Oscar for the best original music. Also for 'Purple Rain', he got two ‘Grammy’ awards. In general, Prince had 32 nominations on 'Grammy' and seven won figurines. Two of his albums '1999' and 'Purple Rain' have been included in the Hall of glory. 12 times, he was nominated for MTV video award, and four times, he won this prize.

best player in the world 1

Prince was demanded very much and he sought to show his creativity to public — in 37 years of active career, he has held 28 tours. The last from them, Hit and Run has taken one and a half years and included 39 concerts in Europe and North America. Inclusion in 2005 in the Hall of glory of a rock'n'roll became one of the main awards for this musician. Prince was finally recognized as one of who has created a modern rhythm and blues and one of the best player in the world.


Every age has its own character and certainly unfortunate to realize that some of the characters leave this life. But do not we forget that man is alive as long as we think about it while he lives in the hearts of others. I'm sorry to know that Prince is no longer in this world, but I can confidently say that this man died, his talent for me will always be accompanied by all his fans as a heavenly body. Such people are few, but they exist, and we are inviting them to the heroes of our time! Rest in peace, Prince!

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